Cloaking Camping Destroying Eve

Hello everyone, first off i would like to state there has probably been alot of topics on cloaky camping and possible resolutions to this problem but i fell it needs to be adressed again because cloaky camping is what is destroying peoples gameplay experience out in null sec and it is a main cause of people leaving this game, i know multiple people who have simply stopped playing because they are camped for weeks on end (this is bloody rediculess ccp and its about damn time you adressed it).

Ok so from my perspective this game is designed around plex and loss, you will see this everywere once you start noticing it, ccp has designed this game so you lose ships and then thier counting on the fact that most people will buy plex to get isk to replace thier loss’s, now once you take this into account cloaky camping stops people from earning isk hence the reson in my opinion it has never been adressed but i believe that this needs to stop simply because it is the main thing thats destroying null sec gameplay, most people dont know how to work around this and most people get sloughtered simply because they cant be bothered waiting for the cloaky camper to leave (this is unacceptable because everything needs a counter in this game and there is no counter for cloaky camping and because of this those pilots tend to have a extremly bad gameplay experience witch results in them either leaving the game all together for a few months or they have to move on to another area of space (and people hate moving personally we have been moving for the last 8 months and its damn anoying personally im nearly done myself and iv been playing this game 6-7 years)).

Now we have a few ideas on how to combat this and introduce a counter for it for example: there should be a modual created for citadels that after say after 1 hour it will scan down and provide a warp to point for anyone that is cloaked if that cloaked person does not warp to another point in space (off grid because if not campers will just make thier ships move while cloaked as well it would make them decide whether to stay online or go offline (when thier sleeping for example)), what this modual does is 1: give alliances and corps the option to install a modual for detecting campers 2: it forces them at the very least to log off when thier asleep or at work 3: it would greatly improve peoples gameplay experience out in null sec and in my opinion this is very important because eve online is a dying game and we need to do everything we can to make people have a positive experience in this game or else it is domed to fail.

Another option is to introduce some type of scanning equipment to detect cloaky campers and to do this either make the scan times longer than normal or make the scan strength very high or make it so if the camper has not moved (stayed cloaked) for say 1 hour then it does not register on signitures found or maybe make it that the signiture is found and over a 1 hour period it becomes stronger the longer you scan it so after 1 hour the camper is scannable and thte longer they remain in one place the easier it is for people to scan them that way all levels of scanning can scan them down.

Now i believe these are balanced proposals and yes they will need some work but its just a idea because cloaky camping NEEDS to be adressed, its been left way to long and now its at the point were its a main factor in people not playing eve anymore or having a extreamly bad gameplay experience.

Anyways let me know what you guys think.



I think this topic has been beaten to death, and this thread will be closed as redundant


Did not read the OP, just wanted to point out that if they really are AFK they can’t actually shoot you.


come on you trolls just read and have a serious descussion for once

For once? someone makes a new thread about this literally weekly.


yup just goes to show how many people its effecting and also goes to show just how ccp is handeling it (thier not).

I’m pretty sure it’s closer to daily than weekly.

They all have the same argument, the same ideas, the same conclusion. Those same arguments have been countered, ideas shot down because of reasons, and conclusion refuted. They’ve all been argued back and forth to death, undeath, reallydeath, and resurrectedbutdeadagain.

I would not remove cloaky camping, but rather all inactive and bot gameplay.

There is a huge difference between someone having patience and dedication to actively get in their cloaky and for days bookmark ratting spots, mining spots, get timing patterns, etc. etc. only to do a hot drop or something like that, and then cloaky AFK boats using bot programs, either at gates to spam intelligence channels or spam out of gameplay tools with info or using same / similar bots to spam alerts when someone does get into one of the above mentioned spots.

That is the real problem.

Remove inactive gameplay and limit or remove local chat along with massive account bans on the AFKers and bots and problems solve themselves on all sides. Be it a cloaky hunter side or a target of one. Yea sure, people would still get popped, but at least it would be legit, not like majority of what it is now.

the main reson ccp wont fix this is because thier relying on people to lose ships to get plex sales, this is were real life money has to be taken into account because ccp wants people to lose ship hence people go and by plex

How are people losing ships to people that are afk?

And where the Hell is the quote function on these new forums?


i agree inactive gameplay needs to stop and ccp has been making changes to counter inactive gameplay (why dont they fix camping while someone is asleep though?)

While I won’t deny CCP wants plex sales, cloaky camping in no way forces plex sales.

Besides, without going into too much detail (as said it’s been argued back and forth 100 times in the actual cloaky camping thread, and this one will just get locked when the ISDs find it), AFK players don’t kill anything.

They just make carebears afraid to undock. Which means you don’t deserve your space, as you are playing a game where force is your first and last resort. If it’s not your last resort, you didn’t use enough force :slight_smile:

Cloaky ships are all quite fragile. Anything that can bridge is also quite fragile. Shoot them. Kill them. They won’t drop on you again if they know they’ll take heavy losses doing it.

If you can’t kill them, evac back to highsec.


i supose my main point im trying to make is there is no counter for this, cloaky campers decide when to attack and things, they find you but you cant find them also i fell its a bit one sided because cloaky campers will always have the upperhand.

Great, now you bloody useless moronic nullbears have to spam your carebear ■■■■■■■■ in GD too.

Stick to the bloody afk cloaking threads I have on my blocklist. I don’t want to read your non-sensical crying.


There are plenty of counters, however all of them require you to have a brain and put in effort. Both things you don’t have or want to do.


Matthew Edier1m Old_Pervert
the main reson ccp wont fix this is because thier relying on people to lose ships to get plex sales, this is were real life money has to be taken into account because ccp wants people to lose ship hence people go and by plex

Yes, but there are plenty of ways and scales this can take. FFS there are even corps now with super cap SRPs as if they were T1 hulls. Curtail the resource generation so that losing a cap is actually meaningful again and address things such as this and they would make even more money because there will be an actual need to partially plex this sort of stuff all at the same time improving all around gameplay. Its a win-win situation.

Writing AFK players are just stupid, you know what the complaining is about.

Its about players have their cloaky ships in system for a long time goes active and cyno in alot of juicy ships when the time is right…
There i have served you the problem people nag about on a silver plate.

On the contrary, I respect @Linus_Gorp’s opinions. He has been in the forums a lot and most often he takes a legitimate and justifiable position. I also happen to agree with him, this thread is in fact redundant.

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Oh boy…this does not bode well for you.