Cloaky Camping Recommended Changes

(Krane Makanen) #1

Cloaky campers continue to ruin the game for active players. This is clearly a game exploit and technically a form of Botting.

Getting paid to sit in systems online in EVE and not actively playing is abusing the system and ruining the game for active players.

We would actively hunt this cloaky campers if eve allowed us to.

With the current way cloaks work you are able to logon to your account, then go AFK until the next server reset.

I like using a cloak at times also but it should have limits, below I have made some suggestions.

Firstly cloaking should be more skill based.
For example lvl 1 10 minutes
lvl 2 12 minutes
lvl 3 15 minutes
lvl 4 18 minutes
lvl 5 20 minutes also required for T2

20 minutes being the longest timer and then there should be fatigue timers.

lvl 1 - 2.5 minutes
lvl 2 - 2 minutes
lvl 3 - 1.5 minutes
lvl 4 - 1 minute
lvl 5 - 30 seconds

There should be a maximum number number of hours you are allowed to use a cloak for in a day. This should work like jump fatigue. 4 hrs being the maximum, this is probably a little to much.

If a player fails to move his ship around or click in EVE within 15 minutes for example, his ship instantly becomes uncloaked and is unable to cloak for 15 minutes. This will be a penalty timer and works different to jump fatigue.

The problem with cloaky campers at the moment is we have know way to combat them or fight them off, and for the game to have balance this issue needs to be rectified.

Cloaks are important to game content and if used in the right way they should create more content.

Pilots can you please vote to Yes to recommending EVE addresses the issues of cloaks or No if you believe they are ok.

(Ramona McCandless) #2

If these are true then he has an information leak. Have you tried investigating along these threads? Or did some friend hear it from a friend?

Pocket of what if I can ask?

(HoraceSilver) #3

I think this dude is afraid of having combat ready ships while he milks isk from space.

Adapt or die!

(Crawfish Johnson) #4

Super Cloak >>>> if you dont interact with any modules for 30 minutes, you are removed from local. Problem solved! No more AFK cloakies scaring the cattle :slight_smile:

(Krane Makanen) #5

Ramona, the idea was to highlight the issues of the cloak system so I will edit the post. Regarding information this comes from other members.

(Krane Makanen) #6

This is a good Idea, although 30 minutes is a long time.

(Ramona McCandless) #7

So some of them know or have contact with him? Sounds like an avenue of investigation regardless.

And you arent in Aradia by any chance?

(Aaron) #8

Cloaking up somewhere for long periods of time should never be changed.

I rely on cloaking living in stain alone, I am outnumbered 30 to 1 most of the time and I need a solid way to remain covert.

I know its time consuming to combat this, you’ve got to be well organised. Do research on the guy who is cloaky camping have a look at their kills, maybe they bring black ops to kill ratting ships. Get some guys together and sort it.

This is a great opportunity for PvP.

(Marek Kanenald) #9

Cloacking, local and the general way scanners work are all bad systems.

Only a complete rewrite will give a good system.

(Rivr Luzade) #10

First: Wrong forum.
Second: Redundant post is redundant. Post in AFK Cloaking Main Thread and stop thinking you are special.

EVE allows that already. Ever heard of the concept of baiting? You know, put ratting ships out there with cynos on the ship and have a response fleet ready on a titan. If he engages, spring the trap. If he does not, you can rat in peace. If he engages and the ratter is overly incompetent to have or light a cyno because they are AFK bot ratting, they deserve to experience a horrible, excruciatingly painful ship and pod decommission.
CONDI does this cyno rescue stuff all the time, why can’t you do it?

Fourth: But when your coalition buddies do this in other peoples’ space, it’s acceptable? Sounds like double standards.

(Keno Skir) #11

Grinding ISK in nulsec is supposed to be risky. If the guy is AFK he can’t hurt you. If he is not AFK he is just playing out a valid tactic and you have to work around him because you chose to live in dangerous space.

(Aelavaine) #12


I’m an active player and it doesn’t ruin my game.

Not more than ganking or AFK mining

Same with everything in Eve. Even in every other game too!

Same for mining, ratting, trading, flying around in general, using smart bombs, lasers, prodding, bumping, using drones, MWDs …

Okay … why don’t you just do your daily business then? They are AFK, where’s the threat? That suddenly one of them becomes active and is attacking you? - Welcome to EVE!

Sorry but whining about AFK cloakers is worse than miners whimpering about gankers.

(Linus Gorp) #13

Not another one…

They ruin the game for people like yourself that have no place being in nullsec.

It’s well within the game rules and CCP doesn’t care about your whining.

EVE does allow you to. But you’re either too stupid / ignorant to understand how to do it, or you simply don’t want to and instead want to rat / bot in perfect safety all day long.

Now go whine in the thread that exists for “afk cloaking hurts the game” whiners like yourself and stop spreading your salt all over the forums. Nobody gives a ■■■■.

(Aaron) #14

So responses like this are OK? But if I call out a dude with racist views I get a forum warning?

I’m not trying to be dramafied or anything, but I called the racist guy a ****head and got a warning. Linus gorp was rude and abusive in his response but no one has flagged it. I’m confused.

(Linus Gorp) #15

I got a warning for “trolling” for asking CCP Falcon a serious question once. I’m not sure CCP has any guidelines for that.

And the OP clearly deserves some harsh words for the level of incompetence and stupidity he’s shown. Maybe one of them will hit and get him to think about where he went wrong, instead of filling the forums up with tears in all the wrong places.

(Ravnik) #16

One just doesnt roll into NS and make lots of iskies with no riskies…

If there is an AFK cloaker i guess you could jump to another system and rat / mine there. I assume if you are in NS then you woud have intel channels. If not then i assume you would have alts to scout. If not then you need to adapt.

If he follows you then there is a good chance he isnt AFK…:roll_eyes:

Or…Get rid of local and suddenly the AFK cloaker problem goes away :wink: (but thats another topic)

(Ramona McCandless) #17

Yes but your post hurt the little racist’s feelings.

We all know afk miners dont have feelings to hurt.

Only impotent rage.

Oh and a certain someone was probably flagging it too.

(Aaron) #18

Yes, I’m going to stop replying to that certain someone man, life is too short. I just found out my friends mum died from dementia and its made me think we have to savour our lives and make the most of it.

I’m going to steer well clear of the antagonisers.

Oh yes, is there a way to completely block certain folks on this forum? I think it is very important that we have such a function available to us.

(Ramona McCandless) #19

Im not sure.

And my sympathies on your friend’s loss.

(yellow parasol) #20

When you’re against afk cloaking, you’re supporting botting and RMT.

You’re not an RMTer, are you?