AFK Cloaking

I think its time for a change in cloaking, having the ability to drop a character afk in a system cloaked indefinitely is too strong. This detracts from the game as there is no means of countering this. The advantage of cloaking is maintained irrelevant of if the player is afk or not. This kind of tactic rewards inactive behavior. For some people that are keen on mining and industry, this effectively bars them from playing. A constant fear of being killed adds a irremovable threat. Now I’m not saying that pvp should be taken away from Eve Online, not in the least. Players should have to deal with dangerous situations the further into lowsec and null they go. However unlike other threats in the game, there is no way to counter it. What it results in is players sitting in station (or themselves cloaked) all waiting on each other, further slowing down the game. Cloaks could be a module that a player would manage with a limited duration, thereby maintaining the usefulness of the cloak while the player is playing the game. Or we could have a different kind of probe to help track down players with cloaks. Again people who use cloaks actively would be near impossible to locate with probes, but the afkers would be much easier targets. What are your thoughts?

Ups! Enough said. Work as designed.

… In before lock due to numerous similar threads all over the forum.


Merely trying to have a discussion on it, if there is other similar topics that have been locked, surely that indicates a desire from the community for a change.

Nope… there are 3 sides:

  1. want it removed because cloaky camping is bad for ISK making
  2. dont want it removed because its a legit PVP tactic in a PVP game
  3. MIMIMI remove local
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The isk making is certainly an effect of it, I’m discussing the problem which is an uninteractive gameplay, or lack thereof. Eve is not exclusively a pvp game, and this “tactic” just rewards again uninteractive gameplay. Removing local is already in WH space and ads a great depth to that part of the game.

Well you can do PVE… But that dont make the Game a PVE Game.
Everytime you undock a Ship there is a Player where will kill you.

Cloaky Camping is a legit PVP Tactic. Decrease ADMs, Stop the Enemy making ISK and shutdown there Industrials to Build ships.

The disscouse can also go in the other Way.
Why should it be allowed to make ISK without have fear to get dropped?

If you kill cloaky Campers, you kill Nullsec more then its now and not only Nullsec.
You also kill BlackOps, Blops and Capitalbombs. You need cloaky Campers for this operations.

If you have a Camper just dont be dump. EVE isnt a solo Game.
Talk to your alliance or Corpmates to place eyes on the Undock of the enemys.
Check if you have a Protection fleet.

If a Corp or Alliance cant afford this things they should move to HiSec.


“I don’t like this because it’s bad for mining and industry.”
"Uninteractive gamplay should be taken away."
Make up ya mind boi


You can still get dropped without the need for a cloaky, quiet easily actually.

The changes recommend above would only effect people abusing the use of afking, not the actual pvp op itself.

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Even miners have to change targets, activate modules, relocate, not to mention the production side of things. There’s a big difference in terms of game play to leaving an character cloaked afk in a system and for the miner who is actively playing the game.

Oh please, not this again.

This topic has already been beaten to death and there is already a discussion going on, get into that link below, no need to create another BS tread.

@ISD_Stall should this be closed?

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Everyone knows its not that cloaking is overpowered its the fact in nullsec you can see everyone in the system that is overpowered.

I have never heard a wormholer cry about afk cloaking. Grow a pair.

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The gang’s all here.

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Thanks for the link i shall have a read. Didn’t mean to tweak a nerve, I was under the impression a forum was designed for discussion, calling topics BS is purely bias I’m looking for constructive answers not hurt feelings.

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Forums are not designed for spamming. That is why I pointed you to that thread.

Yes, discussion, not posting dedicated whine thread 23529723579357925792 about AFK cloaking when there is a thread for people like yourself already.

This topic isn’t worthy of any discussion. You don’t want to discuss anything. You just want it removed so you can rat / bot / farm in 100% safety with zero downtime.

Your services are needed. AFK cloaker whine thread spamming the forums.

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If you were to read the my first post you would see i posed a couple of ideas and asked for peoples thoughts

Also I haven’t spammed anything this is my first post.

Not a whine :slight_smile: but I see I have hurt your feelings so I will gladly move it to the dedicated thread.

You forgot 4: Give Alpha the Cloaking 1 skill as well, to piss off the whiners even more :grin:


Personally i think that someone who’s cloaked waiting for sometimes weeks on end, is a special kind of snowflake and should be given full honours. o7


More whining, while also wrong. You being too illiterate to use the means available doesn’t mean there are no counters.

Yet again more whining about a false perception.

How about you don’t go into a pvp zone if you’re too dumb to adequately defend yourself?

Um yeah, that is exactly what you’re after. You want the mind games of AFK cloaking gone to have perfect safety. Nullsec is risk-reward balanced. High risk, high reward. What you want is zero risk, high reward.

Baiting, counter dropping, standing fleets, ratting in pvp fits, aligning to warp out, etc., etc…
You being too dumb or too lazy to use the means available doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

What it results in is people like you, that have no business being in nullsec, crying about how a pvp zone is dangerous. Go back to World of Warcraft.

Yeah, never read those before! Except in the 235892375235723 whine threads before yours and the idea was shot down every time because you idiots have absolutely zero clue about the game style you want nerfed / removed.


You were saying? Go whine in the dedicated AFK cloaker thread.