Have the upcoming changes to hunting cloaked ships been discussed with the CSM - or is this another case like Pochven where they didn’t want to reveal anything, not even to the CSM?

We know about this coming for weeks, didn’t we?

But has the CSM been told what this . . . ahem . . . solution will entail? Or is this just something that Hillmar dreamed up with no feedback from anybody?

I’m very probably going to hate whatever this is. Cloaking is a mid-career solo player’s only defence in null.


Well, they were really short on details, but it sounds like a nerf to cloaking that will benefit the nullblocs. So, I’m not sure it would have mattered either way. I mean, if CCP buffed my play style, would you be worried about whether or not they ran the changes by me beforehand?

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I hope it is something you have to buy in the NES, like expert systems*, hypercores, and all the other “unique” gameplay options CCP has come up with recently.

Edit:*Now available in the Eve store.

If you were the liaison between players and CCP, yes, I would.
Otherwise what is the point of having a CSM in the first place?

Come to think of it, the word placebo springs to mind.

Pirin tablets! These things are great!

Edit: Autocorrect is now known as Autorong.

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Somehow I would up with a hell of a lot of hypercores, I don’t know how but once I realized they were in some way related to hypernet spam I deleted them. Some things were never meant to exist.

In before the AFK Cloaky camping thread merger or lock.

This thread is a legitimate question to the CSM. Hardly worthy of locking.

Here, I’ll even summon them.

Of course it is. But that does not mean it won’t soon be ruined by the usual suspects.

Its a great question, and I look forward to all the hemming and hawing its going to get as a reply.

What CCP says to us we cannot discuss UNTIL they go fully public with what they are talking about… At that point we say whether we had feedback, whether we ‘knew’, and things like that. To comment on specific topics about what we know before CCP announces is . . . well I think the phrases are spilling the beans or letting the cat out of the bag.

What I will say, not in regard to this topic but in general is that what we have been told has made me really want to run for another term on the CSM.

make of that what you will


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You just miss Iceland.

I will readily admit that I would like to visit again but believe me when I say that Summits are not that touristy. One office interior pretty much looks like them all.



We’ve been talking about this stuff with them for literal years. The most recent suggestions, absolutely.

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See everybody? I just had to get The General on the horn. Answered.


That was a nice attempt at a Jedi Mind Trick. Does not work on me.

Two CSM members answered your CALL. However, they did not answer your QUESTION. We still don’t know the answer to your question unfortunately. I wish we did. It was a good question.

if you log cloak and go yeah

It’s called NDA. Until CCP gives them info to tell us, they cannot directly give us answers.

That’s nice. :grimacing: