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Hello all,

so i was watching the replay of the EDU stream and watching @CCP_Fozzie present the structure session. you had some really good ideas to use it that you were spit balling but one i would like to see is the following

this can either be a service module or a built in function or a tool needed to fit on the structure much like a drill.

[Insert cool name here] lets refer to this as the anti cloaking device.
Effects would be system wide.
System Wide Pulse that disables an active cloaking device.
this would require a cooldown of say 12 hours to prevent spam usage of it.

the effected cloaked ships would be immediately decloaked and could recloak as soon as their natural cloaking delay expires.

this is not an attempt to stop active cloaky camping this is an attempt to stop the AFK cloaky camping. this does not hurt anyone other then the guys that leave toons in systems cloaked for hours a day when they are not home or are asleep or not at the computer but still gives them a shot at being here when the pulse goes off.

you could make this an expensive item to use or run monthly. this would help keep the usage of it down as well. make it require fuel from the fuel bay to fire. your choice of how much but i would not make it cheap. i would say let it use liquid ozone as liquid ozone can be gained from every ice belt or you can tie the stront into it as stront will be losing its need from pos towers.

anyone let me know what everyone thinks.

More cloak tears. Yawn. IB4L.

actually no tears at all

There’s already a massive thread for this. It will be merged.

is there? i did not know and ok

99% of the tears about cloaky camping in null come from super ratting bots and mining bots.

Sounds good. Couple it will a slight nerf to local chat that the Observation Post can claw back, and we might have a workable system.

They should rename the cloaking device to the crippling fear device…

What if, to compensate for a decloaking device, CCP adds with it a new deployable:

The ‘Boogeyman’ Unit

  • 10M ISK
  • 1 minute to deploy, lasts 7 days
  • Immune to dscan, combat probes, but can be shot if on-grid and has no reinforcement
  • Does nothing but leaves the pilot’s name who deployed it in local chat until the deployable expires

This is a pretty good way of fixing AFK cloaky camping without hindering regular cloaky camping. Thanks for writing it out.

The debate over whether to do anything about cloaky camping I expect will heat up this year, as we’ve got folks on both sides of the issue on this CSM. Whether CCP takes action is anybody’s guess, but at least if they want to, this is something we can present to them as a solution.

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Clearly there were thoughts at some point. Used to be an item in the database as well. It was basically a Smartbomb, only instead of dealing damage, it simply turned off Cloaks within the radius.

The problem is getting within range to use it. If that spooky scary AFK Cloaker is nestled away in a deep safe, then you’ll never find them. If they’re creeping right up behind you then this could help, but only for a second before you’re dead anyway.

I wouldn’t be adverse to making a decloaking smartbomb, and letting the AFK mining bots fit it to their ships. So long as we make it VERY Cap hungry. So if they leave the pulse running for any length of time, it drains them dry and they will be unable to run their mining lasers.

Or we could simply not put up with AFK mining bots in the first place…

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