Cloak changes

Apparently cloaks are getting changed? Anyone got news on this?

When you use a cloak, you disappear from local.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Oh that’s actually positive!


You got trolled. It will be the opposite, a nerf to cloak. Either a way to get you scanned down by nullsec folks or make it impossible to stay cloaked while AFK. The goal is to eliminate cloaky campers.


Once CCP does that, it will be like a public admission that they welcome botting in their game.

I can’t wait!


Its those cloaked afk bots you need to watch for

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I wouldn’t go that far, but with the over years constant lobbying of the null bloc CSM depicting this as a problem (for their income streams), and with new inexperienced and anti-PvP people in charge, they probably don’t know better.

I too am anticipating a bot friendly change. Maybe CCP think the DBS will compensate for them.

Hopefully the cloak changes only affect afk cloaks in a way that cloaked players who pay attention will be be mostly unaffected.


The best case would be, if they leave the cloaks unchanged, but introduce a method where a human brain can find longer time cloaked stationary ships with reasonable effort.


Oh yeah.

It’s a new structure that fires a burst that decloaks all ships within several astronomical units.
Don’t ask me how I know…


Well that sounds completely useless… just camp afk outside that range?

Deployable structure/ unit. Like an MTU or mobile depot. The afk camper sits comfortably in his cloaked Astero, a guard deploys the structure, it bursts, decloaks the camper and that is that.

You mean the AFK camper sits in a deep safe outside scan range from any celestial?

I think they will just add new probes and probe launcher.

Those don’t seem so bad. Seems as long as you’re actively cloaking and bouncing between safe spots. Then you’re fine

CCP really blows my mind with this stuff. Like I get Null Sec is bitching about it but instead of pandering to Null-Bears CCP should be trying to run carebears out of Null Sec.

CCP should really be focusing on balancing ESS and really should NOT attempt to touch the cloaking mechanism that’s been in the game for ages. Changing it affects WAY more than just cloaky campers and the LAST thing this game needs is more safety for the Bots and Krabs that are burning it to the ground.


Man i’ve already argued enough with you on this topic, but It has to be said again. You won’t have large ESS (Ever , reguardless of how much ccp decides to put into the ESS) if the system is unusable due to being camped.

There’s not enough PvPers in Null Sec for it to be camped and if there were that would be a really good problem for EvE to have at this point in the game.

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