Electrical Storm permit cloaking

In recen days i see cloaky campers in storm efect system
@CCP_Fozzie you can explained this

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Of course you can see them, their cloaks don’t work.

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And now we discover what the carebears really mean by “cloaky campers” - it is anybody in local that they don’t recognize.

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It will depend on the ignorance of each one and not recognizing the people of the place is valid, what is not valid is that you see a falcon disappear in the dscan and whoever rides it stays in the local chat

But don’t worry, this may affect you more than me

I am only here to watch people lose their cool and throw tantrums.

Is like therapeutic

I used to gank people in highsec. But, you had to gank, like, 50 people before you would get somebody who would get hysterically mad.

Logging onto the Eve forums, I expend almost no effort and see the same thing multiple times per day.

I see good you are walking the forum then

You can disappear from d-scan and still be in local easily. Your lack of understanding what is going on doesn’t mean there is a problem with the game. This is yet another case for removing local.

maybe give precisions in your post?
what is the size of the system? if it is more than 14 AU the guy can be on a safe outside of your dscan range

Lol! So on the spot!

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