Known Issue: Log Reveals Cloaked Ship Warps

It has been proven and acknowledged by CCP that players/bots can see cloaked ships warping around grid in the log. Retardedly easy exploit. Some report even warp sounds being played.

This is something we’re currently looking at, thanks for the additional heads up :slight_smile: "

So what is being done? I noticed this happening, and did a search (I guessed some exploit of the API, nothing this simple) and sure enough…

Life is hard enough for a true solo roamer. At least fix this please.

This is very old news. I think they fixed it.

Considering that was damn near a year ago, and when Falcon was still here, id say its been fixed.

You assume, or you know? Big difference. If it was fixed, there should be a patch note. Anyone have that link?
The entire reason I found the thread was I’ve noticed often-- from years ago to this very week– that despite being in system (name in local) ships would react only when I warped on grid.

Not everything they’ve done, has been in patch notes.

ok so, do you know this has been fixed, and how, or are you speculating?

I have replicated this test on Singularity. I can confirmed that it is no longer possible to view incoming warp notifications (cloak or non-cloaked) from other players on event viewer. This includes both while they are in warp and have arrived on grid and while they have actually landed on grid and dropped warping.

This bug has been fixed.

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