Mass cloaky camper


please take the following concerns not as tears from one player, i speak in this case about a problem wich exists for many many players in eve.

It got my attention that a player (obviously one player) parked 25 + Chars in Cloaky ships in different systems of a region in the south, im adressing this as a very big issue for the game health because we are not talking about one, we talk about at least 25!

In the specific case the player is not moving with this chars at all, they only sit there cloaked, for days now, and i believe they will be there for a long long time as many other cloaky camper.
Do not get me wrong, when a player is using his account to sit there then its like it is, but 25, no, sorry thats ■■■■■■■■ spreaded all over a region…

Its of course allways the same issue, cloaky camper in systems are tollerated part of eve online and not count as harassment but this goes way to far, please adress this if possible because this is destroying the game in my opinion!

We are seeing this in the future more often because of people who use their skillfarms to run accounts and use them for such things, this has to be discussed i believe to prevent this exploiting use of multicharacter usage.

If this isnt Harassment, what else?



It is using a tactic to disrupt the income generation of an opponent.

Please, let’s not devalue the term ‘harassment’ by applying it to people trying to explode you in video game about exploding spaceships. You are not entitled to an empty local chat and there are ways to counter this tactic other than the rather useless one of crying on the forums.


“waaaah we have to defend our space csm please fix”


Nobody is crying… So keep calm…

The term “harassment” is clear enough to bring this in to describe the problem.

I am not affected by this “tactic” as you call it, but this is also not the point here, what i talk about is the fact that eve offers now abillitys to harass people with lots of accounts you can keep online but you dont need to pay for because of skillfarms and such things.

No probs defending sov, read text, that helps…

Ah, so you mean harassment in the non-EULA sense of the word? Well, then yes, it is harassment. Another group or player is waging a campaign of “harassment” against you to disrupt your resource generation.

Sounds like everything is working as intended to me. They have made their opening gambit - seeding sleeper agent agents all across your region - and now it is up to you to respond. CCP isn’t going to make those names disappear from local, at least not anytime soon and not without compensatory changes to your free intel which you will also have to deal with, so it really is up to you to figure out a strategy to deal with that potential threat. So watcha gonna do?


I can deal with this very simple, i ignore them complete :slight_smile:

Could you please stop to write your text so it is looking like someone is crying about something, thanks.

For someone who isn’t bothered by cloaky ships, you surely seem bothered by them… So much so that you made this thread. I’d say their tactic is working


Dude what is wrong with you ?

I clearly put the facts in my initial post, maybe you should read that again und turn on some braincells to understand what i talk about.

Ok, well then I don’t get the purpose of this thread. If you are not asking CCP or the CSM to do something, and you are not looking for sympathy, what is the purpose of this thread? Are you crying about people having alts and want CCP to ban them?

If it is just to discuss possible changes to the AFK cloaking mechanic there is a perfectly good thread for that here:

Although I guess if the CSM wants to weigh in on their thoughts on the plusses and minuses of cloaky camping, I’d be happy to hear them, although CCP has been pretty clear on why the mechanic is the way it is and that it won’t be looked at until maybe they start working on the Observatory Arrays sometime next year so I imagine there isn’t much to discuss yet.


I did read it and it reads just like the gazillion other AFK-cloak whining threads that have been made over the years.


Believe what ever you want…

But please stop posting on this, because you are wrong on all your opinions.

Yeah, sorry. Not happening. All you’ve posted so far is opinions as well, so no problems then. Since you feel like enough of a special snowflake to make your own AFK-cloaking thread instead of using any of the existing ones:

AFK-cloaking is a valid tactic in the game. There are ways to deal with it, but most people seem to prefer to dock up and whine

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Here we go again…

Cloaky camping is part of EVE. Are you afraid of someone who is AFK? How can someone who is AFK hurt you? They can only hurt you if they are not AFK. So you have 2 choices:

Change system/region and run from the AFK player or

Ignore the AFK player and continue with business as usual. There are 2 possible outcomes to this:

  1. The player was afk in which case nothing has been lost on your part - you did the things you had to do; or

  2. the player wasn’t AFK in which case why are you complaining about someone who is playing EVE the way it’s meant to be played? If the player wasn’t AFK 2 possible things can happen:

    a) they will catch you by surprise and destroy you, in which case this is your own fault for not being prepared by using d-scan and being vigilant with a neutral in the system; or
    b) you will be prepared for them and avoid conflict or be able to trap THEM and destroy them.

Welcome to EVE. Learn to play the game. I live in a wormhole and we don’t worry about cloaky campers. Ironically anyone can be in our system at any time and we have no idea unless they’re almost on top of us. How do we manage to avoid huge losses? Hmmmmm…

This business of “I will rely on local only to tell me if I can play EVE” has to stop. You can still play EVE even if you completely ignore local. Let me point you to the nearest “remove local” thread —>


Defending space isn’t limited to holding sovereignty with structures.
Use your brain to comprehend. That helps.

Then why post about it?

You’re very effective at doing that when it ends with a typical afk cloaky whine thread.

So you felt the need to make yet another thread about it that doesn’t deviate from the problem at hand in any way, despite you proclaiming that it does.
This is just another afk cloaky whine thread. We’ll take your arguments for why we’re wrong about that as tears.

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TBH im more interested to get a response from CSM instead of some people who can not read propper or think twice before they write anything about whining und such things who have nothing to do with what i want to bring up.

  • you claim to not be affected and claim to care about the game

it doesn’t matter if it’s one guy or 25. they’re 25 paid accounts and according to CCP themselves, every pilot counts as seperate pilot. there is nothing game breaking about this, because if he had asked 24 friends to help him camp 25 systems, then it would be the exact same situation.

  • you declare the people of 25 systems as victims

that’s horrible. you put yourself into the spot of a “good guy”, trying to “help” or “protect” people of 25 systems, who can’t actually be important to you, because - as you claim - you aren’t being affected. this just makes you a bad person, victimizing these people, who apparently aren’t willing to do anything themselves and instead need the world to change for them.

To quote that one guy’s signature: don’t be ridiculous!


Are there only super uber bitter vets around or whats going on?

I’m not bitter. See, there’s rising tension regarding farmers (also known as carebears, but there might be a distinction. still researching the mindsets), who constantly want the world to be changed for them, or at least don’t actually wish to play the game and instead ruin it for everyone else who actually does.

lowsec farmers, for example, are frustrating a lot of people who actually want to play. these farmers don’t want to do anything but farming, and at the same time they influence the battlefield by running sites. they do not actually do anything but trying to make money, which is horrible for the game itself, because y lot of people who legitimately want to fight for their space, or against others, are getting shafted.

nullsec farmers are the same. they demand that the world changes around them, and they claim that nothing can be done against the cloaker. there are people out there who are living proof that an afk cloaker does not affect them, and that they can be dealt with. these people demand that the world changes from a jungle, to their personal farmland.

you really should actually read my posts, instead of putting them through some weird filter, assuming i’m bitter. i’m not. i’m being straight honest, direct and try to be analytical. most farmers, otoh, are nothing like that. they argue irrationally, use logical fallacies and simply demand that the world changes from a jungle to a farmland. in their minds they aren’t at fault for their situation and can not comprehend, that it is them, who need to change.

the reactions in this thread simply are a sign that soon the water is going to boil over, and it’s all because of farmers.

minor correction: it’s because CCP, over the years and with increased insistence, tries to get them into the game. either ccp has no damn clue about these people, or they’re deliberately trying to kill EVE. just check out the threads about CCP’s marketing. their ads speak volumes about what kind of people they want to get into the game.


If you’re not turning these farmers into killmails you are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

Nobody farms in my wormhole but me. Nobody :smiley:

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