Dear CCP and the devs of eve online

To address the white whale in the room,

What if I said there was a thief in your house, a thief you cannot find, a thief you cannot touch. He never has to go to the bathroom, he never needs to sleep or eat. He won’t come out unless he can steal all of your stuff without any threat.

Yeah, you’d be worried, you would never leave your house. You would want everything locked down and safe. You’re not worried about the little things but you still want to have a chance to lock him up and be rid of this constant threat.

What would you do?

This is cloaky camping, the most passive mechanic to which there is no counter. Suggestions of cyno inhibitors, use cheap ships making yourself less attractive cannot be the answer. Many suggestions have been put forward over the years but all are shot down by groups controlling information and /or groups that have the upper echelon’s ear.

What’s the small guy to do?

If the thief is afraid and wants to remain invisible, he can. When he finally has the courage to show his face, it’s because 50-500 guys have his back. Where is the gameplay, where is the fun? If you’re so uninterested in this game, why play it.

Please down-vote at your leisure but the fact remains, you’re killing this game.

Cloaky camping needs to stop. CCP Devs. Make it findable. give us probes for it.

gives us a structure to find it. gives us something


But he does need to go to the bathroom. He does need to eat or sleep.
You aren’t talking about a cloaky camper here, you are talking about a cloaky Intel bot.
A real cloaky camper isn’t a threat 90% of the time, of you didn’t know he was there you would undock and be perfectly safe because they aren’t really there

That is exactly what cloaky camping is

Spot on

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Inb4 @ISD cloaks this thread up so it merges into the main afk cloaky thread dissipating into the background radiation of the universe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

why? that’s how stuff is forgotten…Agenda? This is why this forum is worthless and the content controlled. People that have access that do not approve of others opinion. You shouldn’t have the right, period.

There was a counter to cloaky campers: Blackout. NS dwellers didn’t like it a tiny bit.

You want a counter to something that is an only counter to your free instant perfect intel from local chat. Cant “fix” one without the other.

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Inb4 lock and merge with the big crybaby thread for all the cloaky camping whines. :popcorn:

would be nice if cloaks had fuel for say 4 hrs . But cloakers would hate to refuel their ships. Means they would have to do something to keep their crap sitting there. But ccp will never fix it people have quit over it but still nothing

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