It's time to discuss cloaky campers

I can admit I have not been as active of late as I should be. That is because every time I try to log in and get something done, some guy with a cloaker on sits in my system afk all day doing nothing. I know he is semi-active as he leaves system when fleets show up and comes right back afterwords.
My proposed solution is to treat cloaks like cynos, make them use fuel and make that fuel so a cloaker can only use 2-3 cycles before having to refuel. The workaround for cloaky haulers would be a fuel bay, and making it so that they can not be used for full days of camping, or just use them, I don’t mind camping a gate and scanning you when you do run out of fuel.
From a business standpoint, having people not play is bad. I have personally stopped playing (and paying) numerous times because nothing can be done either in my system, or my corp mates have stopped playing because of this as well. “but it is a guerilla tactic, and that is what eve is all about” nah, its a stupid tactic that only 5-6 alliances actually use because, for whatever reason they think peeping in peoples windows is fun. there is zero counter for it besides bait and wait, and you just have no clue whats coming when they light the cyno. I play this game to relax and have fun with friends, and having someone sit in 7 systems next to each other with an infinite cloak is not relaxing, fun, or make the game any better.
“but you assume the risk hurff durff” well, when the fleet commanders and alliance directors say “don’t do stupid stuff with campers in system” and there is not much else you can do other then stupid stuff, there really is not much of a reason to play. I like to do that stuff, as I can do a couple sites, munch a couple rocks, then to make lunch. I can come and go as I please, accountable to nobody, and as long as I watch the highway, I can see the enemy scouts before they come.
The issue at hand is the infinite use of something that should not be used infinitely. I know I am going to get roasted to hell, but this is one of those things that has been hurting nullsec for a long time now. If you wanna camp, I am all for it, go ahead, I may (and have) provide bait for you and content, because I’m not just a krabber, I do a fair amount of pvp as well.

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