Tackling camping

It seems like it would really benefit game play and people’s ability to play there game if there were some form of limitations placed on cloaking, or some mechanism for finding camping cloaked ships. Characters are being created and primarily used for no other reason than sitting parked in multiple systems cloaked waiting for a opportunity to hotdrop on other players, disrupting the ability of system resident to do anything. Often, there are several of these cloaky camper alts sat around in multiple systems, often afk for long periods of time. Residents of the systems are unable to do any activities as they’re afraid of being hotdroped on. Often times these campers are parking in a system from Friday evening through Sunday evening or every day and disrupting others ability to play when they’re not really playing the game half the time. Some sort of time limit on cloaking device use, or a mechanism search as seeker drones than would slowly search a system for a cloacked target eventually revealing then and disabiling them temporarily would give the residents of the system the ability to fight back. Right now, there is essentially nothing that system residents can do to combat camping cloaked ships. The ability to reveal and temporarily disable a cloaked shipped that has been sat in the same system for a long period of time, say more than 15 or 30 minutes would even the playing field.

These cloaked campers are ruining the game play for other players by just sitting, sometime afk, in the same system for long period of time, waiting for an opportunity to hot drop an alt on any target that tries to leave the station to do anything. This passive form of aggressive disruption is against the nature and enjoyment of the game.

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Scroll down next time.

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Just fly better and dont be bad.

Why does this deserve it’s own thread.

Isn’t the official, “please post cloaky camping tears here” thread good enough?

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Being on both sides of the fence here, I do not really and never have seen this as an issue. A player cloaked up isn’t making any isk or doing a whole lot so really being sat out for hours on end is a waste of gametime.

But scanning sites myself, if someone is cloaked willing to wait for you find some support to cover ya ass and then you might not be such a chicken in facing them or if not fly a different system and think of some tactic around it.

If we cried about people using warp scrams because it cost us ships how much would we get trolled.

From day one cloaky ships were the ships I envyied and probably what encouraged me to continue playing and learning. I don’t think they are broken it is the sorry person looking down the barrel of the gun that need to rethink!

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