Cloaky Camper Idea

We can’t stop cloaky campers, and they provide content. We can, however, make their lives a little more risky and less worth the time.

If a person sits in a system for 20 minutes or longer cloaked, disable covert cyno modules. BLOPS would still be viable, as well as intel gathering, but it would reduce the lop-sided content a cloaky camper has. There is currently no defense from a cloaky camper with blops friends.
Disabling their covert cyno capability would force them to be active, or to move between multiple systems. This provides opportunity for content, and reduces the threat of a cloaky camper that has been there for weeks or months.
I’ve been pondering this for a while. I am a highsec pilot and I’ve been reading all the complaints about cloaky campers, and it invariably comes down to a shoulder shrug and trolling.

Don’t make terribad suggestions when you clearly don’t understand the consequences, nor how short 20 minutes really is.

P.S. Cloaky mega-thread is where this belongs


Fixed it for you.

Explain how it is a terribad suggestion please, other than “get gud”.

20 minutes is 20 minutes. If you can’t get a target in a single system within 20 minutes, you need to shove off. Sitting there for days/weeks/months mostly afk and only once in a great while taking an action is a terribad way to play eve.

You are fixing something that is not broken.

Describe the problem you are solving, being cloaked is not a problem, a cloaked ship can’t DO anything. So what if someone wants to waste their computer/electricity being AFK and cloaked?

The fact is my original response was the correct response.

The only thing a cloaked ship does is scare people who want to have the system to themselves.

You are approaching from the forum viewpoint of ‘Cloaking is used as AFK camping to hunt anom runners’ while ignoring the entire rest of the game.
As an example, cloaking is regularly used for interdicting move ops, to enable one to catch someone out of position, to rapidly call in a bombing run on a fight, etc. All of these may require an extended cloak and stalk.
And you ignore these aspects of the game just for the sake of the anom runner who doesn’t want to be afraid of the afk cloaker.

A cloaked camper can Do multiple things. Covert Cyno, give eyes to coalitions that are losing the war, steal ESS, run Data/Relic sites.
Sure, they have to decloak for a short while, but they mitigate that risk by being there for weeks or months. Locals grow complacent. Not necessarily the fault of the camper, but it’s human nature.
There are dozens of threads from people that have felt the burn from cloaky campers. The only response I’ve seen is typically trolling. Obviously some people view it as a problem.
You’re free to assign whatever motive you want to their complaints. I’ve been reading them and the responses for a while.
Amazing how it’s always the same ■■■■ posting trolls that respond.

Some people view any setback as a problem.
This is a game, setbacks should happen.
And you are not by your own admission experienced in the area of gameplay you are trying to comment on, you are simply picking up a forum topic and trying to repackage it.

P.S. Labelling people who disagree with you as trolls really doesn’t give anyone the idea you actually intend anything more than soap boxing.

Those move ops require actions to be taken. You don’t typically see a move op sitting in 1 place for 20 minutes at a time, or for the weeks/months that cloaky campers do.

I can see the point of stalking prey, or scouting for strat ops etc… I’ve been on many strat ops giving intel as I cruise through systems. You’ll never find me on a killmail, and only killed once. I like scouting and stalking, and I understand what it takes.
If you can’t find a target and feel the need to cloak in a system for days/weeks/months then your stalking skills suck.

I admit to being a highsec player. That does not mean I dont venture into lowsec, null or wormholes. You’re trying to take a lack of information and twist it into what you want it to mean.

So… suddenly we’ve gone from 20 minutes to days/weeks/months… And you wondered why I called it a terrible idea?

You are not one of those who think “Covert Cyno” means it can be used while cloaked are you? Maybe Get Gud was also a good response?

He cannot do ANY OF THOSE WHILE CLOAKED and all of those have counters already. Except stare at local, which any docked ship can do.

Annoying lazy people who refuse to read the existing thread and repeat the same old fail assumptions.

After 20 minutes covert cyno would be disabled. To get around that, all you have to do is Do something. Not even necessarily engage other people. Just fly around, as an example. Sitting there for more than 20 minutes, especially for the days/weeks/months some campers do, would disable your ability to secretly cyno people in. A regular cyno could still function, but then you’d be all over the overview.
It seems that the majority of posts on these forums think doing anything and being afk is bad for the game, until it comes to afk cloaky campers. Then suddenly you’re balls deep defending it.

So you mean it’s automatically engaged since to use the cyno they have to decloak… Which makes this whole idea pointless if it works like you are wanting it to.
Again, a terrible pointless idea.

No, achieving things while afk is bad for the game. A cloaked camper achieves nothing while afk.

You mean like your own assumptions?
Most campers will spend a bit of time getting a series of safes that are far away from structures or most anoms. That way, even when they decloak to covert cyno, you won’t see them.
Why am I having to explain this to you? You’re on all the threads, balls deep defending cloaky campers.

If they are sitting there cloaked for more than 20 minutes without doing anything, they’d have to dock to turn the module on.
Apparently I’m typing at people that have never logged into the game, so I have to be very specific?

You can’t even be consistent in your own idea…
Want to come back and try again?

Ok, toddler, here’s a spoon feeding.

Eve is magical, with the ability of noticing when you click buttons, even just typing in chat. I know, crazy.
If a person were to fly into a solar system and sit there, doing Nothing, any covert cyno they have would be disabled. I’d even go so far as to say all forms of cyno should be disabled.
To enable those modules, they’d have to dock.
If, however, they are actually playing, and flying around to different spots to gather meaningful intel, their modules would remain capable.
In this manner, you encourage interaction with this game, instead of plopping an alt down and sharing it to discord for your friends to watch.

So what difference does it make if they where cloaked 3 seconds or 3 months?

Cloaking has nothing to do with cyno, except, yup, FEAR :rofl:

You do know modules can be enabled in space right?
Are you proposing a new way of disabling modules, just because someone took a 30 minute break from the game while doing nothing and gaining nothing?
Do you want to actually be clear with your proposal?