Its a win win Cloaky camper and ballance

CCP I have the solution to afk cloaky camping. Don’t change anything on the side of the cloaked ship instead give us a module or new structure that sends out a ping kind of like finding a submarine. Make it like scan probes but they can not be detected by the cloaked ship the cloaked ship would have no way of knowing if someone was looking for them other than seeing that someone is in the structure. This way everyone is happy the camper can stay cloaked indefinitely but they cannot be afk for to long or someone in the structure could scan them down warp a ship to them and then decloak them and kill the camper. I’m sure the player that is cloaking will just have his ship aligned which will make it hard to ever decloak someone if this becomes the case I would say that maybe all ships speeds should be reduced or that the player who is warping to the cloaked ship will need a special module that would decloak them with in a specified distance. This will also give a chance to decloak them on gate camps. I’m sure I have missed lots but the playing field needs to me leveled, there are those who abuse the cloak AFK bull crap.

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Don’t make new threads. Go join the 3300 post long superthread, and throw your “brand new, never thought of before” idea in there with the same old ideas that keep getting repeated ad nauseum.

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People complaining about cloaky camping really need to stop Stroking The Brutix. In before lock!

Space sonar…

Like we haven’t seen this particular idea at any time in the last 15 years of threads moaning about afk cloakers.

You want to post your idea to Features & Ideas discussion and not here into GD.

See also the Main AFK Cloaking thread there.

@ISD_Fractal please do it again!

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The people who are whining will not engage, because finding him could mean getting hotdropped.

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I need my cloak to be better and I want a new version that shows me in the system when I log off.

The solution is to grow a spine

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