Cloaking devices should overheat after a certain amount of time

Cloaky campers are killing the game. The cloak should be able to last an hour then have a cooling off period of a multiplier amount of time depending on length of use else the cloak overheats and destroys the ship.
This will stop cloaky campers but allow enough time on the cloak for an OP or moving stuff around systems in Blockade Runners.

Cloaky AFK campers are ruining the game and this needs sorting!
My suggestion with the harsh penalty should then eliminate it entirely from the game.

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Yay, another one. There is an AFK cloaking thread. This has already been proposed there.

And it isn’t killing the game. For as long as it has existed if it was killing the game, it would be dead already.

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inb4 this thread will cloak up to merge into the background radiation of the main afk cloaky thread :wink:


A true camper is never AFK…
How would the capsuleer be able to attack being AFK…
This invalidates your suggestion.
Thereby cloaky observing is an integral mechanic of the game. So nope!

Although I somehow like the idea, perhaps make it level depending, with perfect indefinite at lvl5 advanced cloaking or something like that :thinking:. Maybe even a specific module. Never the less there needs a way to be 100% cloaky all the time

“Mommy I’m scared to undock because there is another ship in the system”

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My suggestion is that you grow a spine and stop being such a coward.

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Nope. RMT botters and renter trash like you are ruining the game and this forum with your incessant whining about how you can not tolerate the existence of PvP in a PvP game. The solution is to stop being bad at EVE, learn to defend yourself in PvP, and stop presenting easy targets for the campers. AFK camping only exists because you suck at EVE and your only conceivable response to a PvP threat is to dock up and whine on the forums until CCP removes it.

and to close the discussion circle … If they got rid of local

Closed for redundancy.