Suggestion: Cloaky Campers (Limited Cloak)

Hello Everyone:
I’l like to discuss the idea of setting an cumulative cooldown after prolongated cloaking use.
The idea is that players cannot remain cloaked "for ever" paying “no attention at all” on their camper accounts.
Instead, the cloak device should stop working after some time (by "overheating or whatever) and unable to be activated until a cooldown timer reach zero.
Example: After 15 minutes of continuous use of Specs Ops Cloaking Device, it turns off by “overheating” and you must wait 10 minutes before putting on again.
This aims to avoid “perma-cloak” players, and forcing them to be a little more active on their characters.
At the same time on this “cooldown” window those players should be moving their vessels or face the chance to be pin-pointed and killed.
This cooldown time could be cumulative.Following the previous example it could take 5 minutes CD for 10 min continued activation or so. (Numbers are just figurative, not based on any real calculation)
I strongly believe this mechanic , while not preventing cloaked campers, will force them at least to pay attention to their accounts instead of leaving it forever secure under the cloak exploit.

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