Covert Ops Cloak mechanics (Nothing should be invincible)

Covert ops cloak mechanics should be changed a little to make it a little difficult to keep using it. for e.g a ship with covert ops cloak should remain cloaked for 1 hours max and need to be activated again after that and if deactivated manually then one should be able to activate it after normal time duration again. I suggest this because when cloaky campers camp a system they are invincible and there is no way to detect them or do anything against them. another suggestion is that the extensive use of covert ops cloaking device should damage the ship and its modules at a rate depending upon how long a ship has remained cloaked with covert op device. IT MIGHT BE PAINFUL SUGGESTION TO READ SO PLEASE REMAIN CALM. ITS ONLY A SUGGESTION.

Your bad ideas go here: Main AFK cloaky thread


no, covops are fine as they are. I would suggest that cloaked ships had to decloak when recalling probes,as it’s mandatory to not be cloaked to launch then, so same rules should be applied


Please go cry in the main AFK Cloaky Camping thread.


I get that its irritating for cloaky campers :slight_smile:

Nothing IS invincible. Problem solved, by not ever being a problem in the first place.

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I mean, I can afk and make kids like you cry and whine because of your own insecurities and fear.

That being said, it’s a rule on the forum. We have a main thread for this because so many kids like you are too insecure to play the game when a small grey box appears in local. In the interest of not spamming the forums with your tears, there’s a single main thread all of the thin skinned children can go to.


If you were not crap yourself pixel terrified whenever a name appears in local this would not be an issue.

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Do docked pilots also bother you?

Just have CCP remove local. That would solve all your problems.

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Even if they don’t remove local, which they should, they should remove local list from docked pilots.

Being able to sit in a station and provide free intel is way over the top.

That isn’t so bad. You can’t reload them cloaked so even if you can recall them you can’t reuse them without uncloaking first.

Closed due to redundancy.

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