Do something about the cloaky campers

it is maybe time after this practise for over 10 years

a solution can be actualy very simple
if someone does not click on something for 15 minutes plus he goes automaticly offline
also helps against the server loads
and if they wanna use a bot to keep online that can also be traced automaticly



No ! Cloaky Campers are people too !


Op is just angry he cant mine in peace in nullsec! Boo hoo cry me crocodile tears!

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there is a difference between having to focus to keep yr ships alive or to have someone in ur system afk not doign anything except hanging there cloaked

Whoever is camping you is doing a great job!


i do understand youre tears
but there other ways to fight than hanging cloaky cameprs all over eve not talking about 1 system mathus loch

Rent a better system then scrub

Actually, they are surveillance bots.

I would worry more about the fleet a few systems up pre heating their mods

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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