Cloaky camping

Ccp if you dont fix this bs tactic that a 2 year old can do you may lose a dedicated user of your game the cloaking mechanic in this damn game is a damn joke and the fact that you can put alts in a system and sit there for 24 hours with no repercussion is complete bullcrap. I am so glad that some one can give you money on alts and crap and then just go and camp systems all damn day is completely damn fair. Is it because they give you money that you are to damn lazy to fix a bs system how about a inactive kick system in the game so piece of craps cant sit there on an account for 24 hours. not even being at there damn computer eh? I think you just dont give a flying crap about it because they give you money or they just buy plex. If you dont fix this soon then im done with this trash game


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