AFK Cloaked Campers

For almost 10 years I have listen to all types of players grief over AFK this and AFK that…I am curious, when will CCP address the AFK camping of systems? Just 1 cloaked ship parked in the middle of nowhere and you have a blockaded system. There should be a way to flush’em out other than on their time frame. Force them to stay by making’em warp to maintain cloak every 10-30-60 minutes. If they don’t their cloak starts to leak allowing for locals to scan’em down.

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Are you scared of cars parked on your street with no drivers in them? Are you scared of being pushed off that bridge because there’s a stroller sitting nearby? Are you scared to leave your house because there’s a bicycle leaning on a tree?

I hope not.

But you are scared to undock into a system with an empty ship floating in it… in a video game.



Nope. Cloaky camping is a-okay. He does nothing, until he does something you should be prepared for anyway. Plus do they help keeping botters and RMTers from raking in billions literally risk-free without any danger of losses which would hurt their income stream.

Also: There’s already a thread about this. If you want to join the other RMTers in wasting their time, then feel free to air your irrelevant opinion where it belongs:

Please tell them Sol said Hi!

There is a mega thread about this where you can add your comments.