Cloaky camper

I see a game mechanics problem with this. There is no possible counter to it.
Scenario: pilot logs on immediately after downtime and immediately jumps to the ineighboring target system. Warps to a safe spot and coaks, then AFKs all day.
It is impossible to scan him down.The only way to find him it so accidentally gets within 2500km; statistically highly unlikely. I have a safe spot that is about 900,000km “north” of the sun. No one s going to bump into me by accident.
It si just griefing, especially in a system with a cyno jammer so he can’t hot-drop a blob.
A couple suggestions: the cloaking module has to re-align itself every X hours. Turns off and has to be manually re-activated. Or it uses fuel, like liquid ozone, more than the typical frigate’s hold can carry for 23 hours fo constant running.

Again, it si just griefing and there is NO counter to it making it manifestly unfair.`

CCP doesn’t care. They have a dedicated cloaky camping thread in which to quarantine your futile complaints.

Your thread will in short order will be locked for redundancy.

How, exactly, is someone being cloaked AFK affecting you in the slightest? Just go about your business.

This topic has been discussed many, many times over in the features and ideas forum. I’m closing this as it will just attract trolls.