Cloaky Camping Responce

For the last three months our space has been cloaky camped by what I assume to be one person with at least 12 or more different accounts. There is no defense for this since there is no way to find a cloaked ship, accept bumping into them. So I propose an anti cloaking method that will level the playing field. A decloaking device, both a deployable unit and a ship module.

The deployable unit can be anchored like any other structure and can be destroyed in the same fashion. The unit could consume fuel blocks for power and works by sending out a pulse that disrupts a cloaking field. The unit could send out these pules every hour and the travel time for a pulse could be 1-2 AU’s per minute. This give your cloaky camper time to get in, do his recon and get out without the residents being able to track the ship down. This will prevent perma campers and that’s what we’re talking about. To make it fair the unit decloaks all ships, not just select ships and cannot decloak ships that have just jumped into a system.

I also suggest a ship mounted module that can be fit to something either related to anti cloaking, or fit to command ships. The module works by consuming an ice product and once activated the ship sends out a burst (like a command boost) of particles that can decloak a ship and have an effective range of 10km with a diminishing affect up to 20km. So the farther out the ship is the less chance the ship has of being decloaked. I suggest a cool down timer so that the module can’t be spammed and over used.

I’m no game developer, nor do I fully understand the mechanics of Eve or any other game so I have no idea if this can even be possible. Anywho, just a thought :grin:

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