Anti Cloaking device

Before any one starts this isn’t an anti afk cloak. The idea is simple, a module you can fit to a ship that will “ping” the area. cycle time of 10 seconds each cycle it stays active it will double its range starting at 500m then 1km-2-4-8-16 etc. For the most part any one with a cov ops cloak should not be caught so it should not break that, it also will have a limited range so you would have to be on grid with them which means safe spot are still safe so long as you didnt get combat scanned down while uncloaked.


So… Start it pinging and in a few minutes it decloaks the entire grid every 10 seconds?
So no cloaked bombers during fights.
High chance of getting decloaked on gates since you could have 2 or 3 of these running at staggered intervals so a decloak happens every 2-3 seconds.
No cloaked scouts watching a fleet

Fit Smartbombs… =)


He’s silly and wants something that reaches hundreds of Km.

The trash can for “RMT farming is too hard, nerf cloaks so nothing can kill me” whines is here: Main AFK cloaky thread

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I think this is the first time I’ve gotten the post in an anti AFK cloaky thread before it gets moved.

Stop crying and pay more attention.
Cloaking is already too weak, as you need more time to lock something after decloak.

It’s not cause I died. It more because getting within 2k to decloak is almost impossible and spamming jet cans are not allowed.

I’d be ok with covert ops cloaks not being effected.

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Ah, now we see the root of the issue. You died, and now it’s time to cry on the forums about it. =)

Cloaking doesn’t need “fixed”. Cloaking IS a fix, to always being visible in space. Without cloaks, it would be impossible to exist in space without being tracked down and shot. It would make it impossible to gather intel on the enemy unseen. Cloaked ships are just Eve’s version of Rogues. And while it sucks to get sneak attacked, most Cloaky ships are pretty weak unless they catch you alone.

The solution is to be careful when you undock. Play with friends. It is an MMO after all. Multiplayer is in the title.

I live in wh space and am well aware. Several times though we’ve tried hunting targets that we were on grid with but they were cloaked. 1 instance was a naglfar with a regular cloak. Couldn’t find it though. After we left he declined and went to the station, I know because I stayed behind to try and catch him.

Yeah, sure :slight_smile:

So wherever he was, he was running away at 2m/s lol.

You’ve seen that “I was there” trailer, right?

Get in a CovOps Frig with an MWD and a Point. When you see the ship decloak, you drop yours and burn towards him as fast as you can. When you get in range, lock him down so he can’t warp, and have all your friends in fleet warp to you.

That’s what I tried to do. He was about 200km away.

If I recall correctly, this is a bit of a “grey” area in the rules.

You can create jetcans around a gate to decloak a ship. You simply cannot create so many that it affects “server performance” (see: “causes lag”).

For example: Dropping 5 to 10 cans at very specific points around a gate will most likely be overlooked. Dropping 20+ can all around a gate will probably result in a GM showing up.

Look at it from the perspective of a GM. Their job is to deal with egregious gameplay issues. If you don’t overdo it, they will largely ignore you.
Of course… each GM is different and they may interpret the rules a little differently. But a “can spam” violation is generally a “slap on the wrist” kind of deal (unless it is a recurring issue).

My favorite thing to do is use corpses around gates. More than a few people don’t have “biomass” selected on their overview. :wink:

Interesting to know with the corpses

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I’m wondering if I can contribute nothing to a post that contributes nothing before it is locked.


No no no.
Other players exist to covet what I have. To validate my existence with their compliments. To praise me on my accomplishments.

Otherwise, they’re inconvenient NPCs that I sometimes have to deal with.

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I think its a valid and cool idea for a module. More possible counters equals more PVP options. But I would say that it would need balancing in the form of cloak gaining some extra power…such as ability to cloak even if locked…but only at a range of say 25km from the lock.

You can extent target lock out to hundreds of KM and thereby prevent cloaking already…but just not force a decloak. Soooo…I don’t think your point is so strong.