Cloaky Ship killer

Can we have like a Hunter killer destroyer to track down AFK cloakers? Kind of reminiscent of the Sub hunter destroyers oif WWII?


This topic has been beaten to death. So all threads about AFK cloaking have been merged in the thread Scoots provided. This thread will also get merged.

And there you will have old players whining and complaining and screaming at you for daring to even consider this. So you have been warned. I say, keep thinking though, and don’t let small-minded and bitter people stop you. They will try and they have lots of experience doing it.

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That’s an unecessary miss characterization of what happens in that thread. I don’t see many people just outright against changes. Just against unbalance, all one sided changes. There’s a clear difference in those things.

Many of the “old players whining” and “bitter people” have posted more ideas about cloaking changes over the years than almost everyone else. So change is fine. One-sided, unbalanced changes that just nerf one play because someone else doesn’t like it, yeah they receive the comments they deserve.

There’s not enough detail in the OPs suggestion to know whether it’s balanced or not.


NOt what I am talking about. I am talking about people having ideas and being screamed at for it. Pointing out that it was discussed three years ago for example, and doing it in a mean way too, calling the poster a moron and such. Totally uncalled for.

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Only those that act like morons get called morons.


I don’t want to call you a liar.

So amnesia much?

its because the entire afk cloak thread is put there as a means to pretend like something is being done. CCP has bad designers, and ultimately just want to push one narrow minded concept on eve, ignorant of just how bad it is impacting the game, and ultimately ccp itself.

They will learn when they lose it all, and i will be here to tell them “i told you so”.

Not at all. If you quote anyone in that thread being called a moron, then I’ll show you where they were acting moronic.

Sit tight man.

You will give us an opinion to be sure. Whether that be your real true opinion even, would be up for debate. As if the term “moron” were even objective in the first place.

Personally I think the king moron of that thread is the one who used that word the most.

Linus was a great contributor to the forum. She was around long before you ever played EVE and hasn’t posted at all for a couple of years, so how could you even really know?

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Okay. I will change that to “used it the most recently” in that preposterous mega-thread.

Lillith doesn’t at all seem like that. This is the most recent use:

Main AFK cloaky thread - EVE Technology and Research Center / Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

(sigh) I should have been more clear. I meant “used it the most in recent postings”. Not “most recently”. A comma would helped above. I could have said, “used it the most, recently”.

And I am not going waste my time sorting throught and reviewing thousands of posts just to confirm my belief the word is over-used and generally pointless to use.

4 times in the last year in that thread. Total number of posts in the last year is in the hundreds.

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Screw that thread. You are missing the point. This is a forum for discussion, not for brow beating for the sake of trolling LULZ.

Not missing the point at all. Just taking you at your word in this thread, because the main antagonist in that thread (ie. the one common to all of the ‘brow beating’ shenanigans) is you.

More like the guy defending himself most from troll gangs. Antagonist! What a joke!

Well its not just that thread and the only reason the AFK cloaky camping thread was specified is because this thread will surely be merged to it rather than just generally moved to the idea section or elsewhere.

Surprised its still here.

I’m one of the people who uses cloaking all the time, while I think you might have a better idea than all of the other ones I’ve seen so far, I would have to say “I hope not”.
CCP seems to implement things like this in ways that have serious side effects.
First of all, consider the reasons someone might be cloaking, why, other than to light a cyno beacon (the main reason people who think they own a system are flipping out) are people doing this?
Why do explorers use cloaking, why to interceptor pilots use it? Why does the guy in the Loki hunting my unarmed Probe use it?
I think your idea is rather good, and could be fun even for someone like me, but how do you prove that I’m AFK?
What if I’m a legitimate spy?
Or, what if I am AFK because I need to do other stuff in real life while I am playing Eve, or just stop for a moment to help a new person do something?
Here’s the thing, sitting in a system that someone thinks they own is a legitimate tactic, it’s called psychological warfare and it works seeing as how this is constantly hashed out over and over and over, the fact is ownership of a system is a fluid thing in Eve, it’s not yours, you only think you have it till someone takes it from you. This tactic works, people who have someone lurking ominously out there in the dark at them are likely to be more cautious, if not prepared.
The problem with CCP “fixing this” is that they don’t take into account the law of unintended consequences. If CCP were a medic they would do things like apply a tourniquet to someone’s neck because of a head injury.
The real solution to this is the people who don’t like it doing things differently, they don’t though and that’s on them frankly. Asking CCP to change something because you can’t be bothered to do what needs to be done is pretty weak (I’m not talking about your idea here, I mean in general).
Here’s how this happens to someone:
First their gate camps failed, then they didn’t place objects at everything warpable to decloak anyone who slips past their gate camps and since that’s the case it’s their own bloody fault.
To say “it’s not counterable” is false, it is, it just takes effort.