Cloakers and counters

(mezor Thara) #1

o7, second post here.

so, i have been spying on people, and they know im there, yet they can’t do anything about it because i have a cloak. which is boring to be honest.

the most fun i had was in a cloaked interceptor, and then have ha magus and about 3 supers worth of fighters trying to find me, they nearly got me… 50 km was the closest they got.

  • and i got to see HTP jumping titans and even more supers.

so, i would like to have some more effective counterplay against or/and between cloakers.

between cloakers would be something similar to submarine combat i think, but just calling it space sonar would be a bit silly i think.

  • building up a firing solution resulting in a possible target lock or warpin at range, depending on the distance.

(Karl Poljus) #2

Please offer your ideas in this thread, do not create new ones.

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I’ll just point you to the massive existing afk cloaky thread and advise you buy a flameproof suit.

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Yes, post in the main thread so you can more easily be ignored.

(Ramona McCandless) #5

If I saw a ping, Id just not be there, thanks

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Thread closed due to redundancy.