Ingame counter to cloaking please?

Hello Eve Community & CCP,

I’ve been playing Eve Online for a good number of years, since 2005, I’ve watched the game evolve, change, and grow, however there is one component to the game that doesn’t seem to have any growth at all, of course I’m talking about cloaking.

Within the game there are counters to everything, it’s a game of rock paper scissors, there are modules, strategies and techniques that will allow you to counter just about every mechanic.

Speedy enemy > webber
Warping enemy > disruptor
MJD enemy > scrammer
High resist enemy > use another damage type
Safespot > combat probes
Cloaking> ?

You get the picture… there are ways to counter just about everything in Eve.

But with Cloaking… there is no counter play, no auto log off feature for AFK pilots, no method of decloaking someone without flying close to them and I see this as a problem, it renders them invulnerable for an unlimited amount of time, combine that with Black Ops bridging or lighting a cyno and you have given an invulnerable ship one of the most powerful tools/weapons in the game that can be used at any time without warning.

Now I understand that a cloaking alt is essentially free money for CCP as it requires Omega for a character that does almost nothing all day except making the odd drop, but there needs to be a counter to it in the game, a way to hunt that ship that can quite literally log on after downtime once a day and sit in hostile space providing intel and perfect ganking opportunities for unsuspecting pilots with no effective counter to those particular ships.

I think there is a simple and viable solution to cloak camping the game already in the heat mechanic, if you made cloaks overheat after a period of time and burn out if left on it would force players to decloak to repair the module to sustain the cloak, this would open a window up for people to probe/scan down the ship, or alternately you could introduce a ship variant designed to find cloaking vessels and bring in an entirely new mechanic… the possibilities are there.

So I’m asking the question, can we please have an in game counter to the cloaking mechanic?


FYI: all cloaky camping discussions are being held in one thread:


That thread is 3 years old, 5000 answers strong and clearly there as a strong position on the topic from the community and yet nothing has been done to change the game mechanic?

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Because it’s nothing but crybabies whining about how they can’t run anomalies completely afk. This isn’t a problem. This is just you being a coward.

Besides, CCP doesn’t pay attention to these forums. You’ll have better feedback by making a post over on r/eve.


I would say the changes to cynosural field generators were meant to address the concern to an extent CCP thought reasonable.

Cloaked ships are generally fairly weak in a stand up fight, must be of a fairly specific skill intensive and somewhat costly type to cyno in help, and all cloaking devices require omega accounts requiring a person who wants to interdict a system this way to pay for the privilege. Many of us think the counter is a show of force that leaves the cloaker with little option but to stay that way if they want to keep their ship and to otherwise carry on with business as usual to prove they’re not affecting you enough to make the practice worthwhile.

Opinions differ, of course, which is why the cloak topic has 5000 posts and isn’t even the first of its kind. It is a hot topic that has been debated to death. We confine it to a single thread so that we don’t drag down the whole forum with rehashed arguments that have gone full circle hundreds of times already.

1 Like i think OP is mad they got smartbombed on a gate by cloaky mach.


Yeah, the counterplay to cloaked enemies is to get closer to them. Why don’t you just go towards where they last cloaked?

The answer to counter afk cloaking… Undock


Cloaking>cant fight

There used to be anti-cloaking pulses in the database that functioned like smartbombs only they decloaked other ships instead of damaging them. They were never implemented, though, so you’d have to ask one of the devs what they might have been planning to do with them.

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Looks like the alt army whining about cloaks is in full gear. This is what, the third thread in a few days?


there are already several counter to cloaky campers
bait them and kill them
have friends ready to help if cloaker decloaks and try to kill someone
ignore cloaky campers
catch cloaky campers and kill them when they jump through the ingate of your system
use diplomacy (threats, isks, friendship,NIP,…) to ask cloaky camper’s corp/alliance to make him move away

stop whining and stop asking CCP to find the soluces. This is a sandbox.


I don’t run anomalies.

That death wasn’t down to a cloaky mach, that was down to the server issues on Tuesday after downtime.

This doesn’t solve the problem of individuals logging in a hostile system on a cloaking alt for the whole day feeding intel & setting up cyno/black ops drops all day every day.

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This is my main

Now thats commitment :laughing:

We have a specific issue in our space whereby 2 cloaky campers will sit in our systems all day every day with a Blops team of 12 or so neut/nano stratios with logi t3 cruisers ready to drop on anyone that they catch, there is no counter play to this due to meta gaming spies (we set a trap and they know about it so don’t take the bait) - we have no counter to this, by the time we have organised our pilots to engage the hostile fleet their target is dead and they have bridged back out or cloaked up and leave system, again leaving us no counter play, the other side to this is that they do it all day every day.

There is a serious issue with an entire alliance of pilots has a 95% efficiency rating for kills to loses, it shows they are very good at what they do, but also that the mechanic is broken.


Its a shame really. When i lived in null sec (a looong time ago) there were no blops ships. If a hostile fleet was around you at least had a chance to form up and fight them, even chase them around systems. This was also before jump bridges etc.

There are loads of posts regarding people wanting counters to cloakers etc. I dont think this is the problem here though. How about a nice big alliance war? Is that still a thing these days?

It really is…