New idea: Cloaky Hunters

First I dunno if this is the right place to propose new ideas, if it’s not, sorry and plz move it to the right place.

Second, I know no matter how much I state this is not QQ I’ll get trolled anyway, but for the honest reader this statement seems to inform this is some raw idea about turning cloacked ships into content, just like the others.

Now my simple rationale behind the idea: All things controlled by players in EVE should be content, of course cloaked ships are in a sense, but EVE space is SOOOOO huge it creates a certain security to cloaked ships to stay in a spot and just stay there ad infinitum. While I totally understand it’s kinda their role, it encourages some douchbagery from players (AMEM TO THAT) which is totally the way EVE works, so using the same principles, why not apply it to the other side? Wanna watch TV cloaked no problem, but this is EVE, you should be in risk.

So if the rationale is acceptable, my idea is not some button to decloak or anything, I like to introduce the idea of a ship with some special Dscan resource than can see cloaky stuff, so you couldnt pin point it so easily, but hunt for it with your micro warp drive. So it’s not big deal to cloakys paying attention, but it got two major sides:
1 - It creates content and an idea for a new ship involving Dscan;
2 - It makes EVE more interesting and competitive instead of giving people an resource to be eternally AFK;

This idea is not meant to break cloaky rule or anything, just make them work for it. They could warp in cloak so a smart cloaky would warp around and make a hunter crazy, but AFK people would think two times before going AFK. Just like WE and CCP did with Krabbers.

So this last line is the cornerstone of my idea, nobody should be 100% safe while out in space, we kinda already brought it to miners and ratting, why not to cloakys, but without breaking their functionality.

This has the pontential to bring EVE to new level, plz consider with care. I’m not saying my idea is perfect, but it’s sure not QQ, just trying to improve the game.

Thank you for your time.

  1. There’s a bucket thread for this anti-cloak stuff, so the rest of us can ignore it – Main AFK Cloaky Thread

  2. ‘New’ ? Really ??? - go and read the above thread, and see just how much research you failed to do before posting this nonsense…


A post was merged into an existing topic: Main AFK cloaky thread

A post was merged into an existing topic: Main AFK cloaky thread

Well they just shafted you they have moved your post into a place with 1000000 posts where no one will ever read it again unfortunately that’s how isd handle things they bury it.

  1. so you could run a bot in a system with afk cloaker , just have them constantly spam d-scan to see if the cloaker is close enough to be a threat …

@ISD Sakimura you forgot to lock this whine thread after merging with AFK Cloaking.

Just because you are piss your pants scared to undock doesn’t make the cloaked ship “douchbagery”, it just makes you a coward.

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Actually I agreed with this idea all the time, that people where whining too much about cloak, bit now I realised he DO have a point: if miners and ratters should not afk while doing their activities, cloakers ( also droppers) shouldn’t too. not proposing a way to find or decloak them, but make a way that force them to be on kb would be nice.