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Hey guys,

I have a couple ideas for new content in EVE, not sure if its doable at all but ehh I think I might like them.

First one : Why not have a ship two capsuleers can pilot - One flying the ship the other using guns. I’m thinknig destroyer with big guns?

Second one : Why not have a scanable site, you warp to it and there are waves of rats spawning and its kinda like a survival mode and they wont stop spawn untill you die and you will lose what ever ship you are in. A timer starts and you get to see how long you can last before you die. This could be like a PVE thing that actually measures how “good” you are at solo PVE and you have to think about what mods to fit on your ship. and a leaderboard for everyone.

Thirs one: Scannable site, you warp to it, there is a powerdowned station in the middle. You dock the station and take control - There is a “power up-” button and as soon as you do waves of Rats will spawn around the station. Your goal is to use the stations different mods to shoot down the ships before they reach the station (kamikaz-style). Let say Logi spawn, then you have to use your Neuts, ECM or Sensor dampeners. Use tracking disruptors on snipers and so on. wouldnt this be cool? - When you are done you can loot the station.

Well I think some of these could be cool and its at least more content and the Survival mode I think people would actually theroy craft around and try to beat each others times.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I like it.

Some small issues though

  1. already is present in the form of a fleet. Anchor up FC, logis start logical operation, tackler start buzzing, etc. Yes it may be funny to have a dedicated 2-heads body but … power creep maybe ?

  2. how would you reward people ? If reward, it must increases over time more than the time (eg positive acceleration). The matter is : if the reward is not worth it, nobody will do it. If it becomes higher than eg 400M/h fast enough, people will only do that. Of course using non-direct specific rewards could help (specific LP store like ded)

  3. defending and attacking structure gives cancer.

Second one (survival): Im thinking LPs as reward, the longer you stay the more you get. And also diffrent sites use diffrenet sized ships.

Third one: But I think it could be cool, you get to learn what mods to use on different ships so might be good for people getting into PVP or just want to learn what to counter different ships with.

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I was playing Left for Dead 2 survival mode just yesterday and thought how that would translate to an event in Eve Online :slight_smile:
I guess in a way you could see the Trig invasion as something like that? Though I haven’t spent much time with the Trig invasion as I can only fly frigs and only have a measly 2 mil ISK at the moment so could be wrong.
I still think Faction Warfare needs a serious epic overhaul, just throwing that in there.

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was thinking about an emitter thats used in an invasion area that summons an opposing alien race. let’s say a few named drifter spawns that could possibly draw out rare trig bosses in answer. i don’t know, just brainstorming.

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Some may make good missions but there has to be limits otherwise farmed.

Kind of like the idea about gunning a station in a mission just for the sake of a different mission tbvh; missions dont have that much variation to be fair.


Yeah, the 3rd suggestion would be cool for a new Agent mission.

Just have the difficulty level / amount and type of NPC ships be increased for higher mission levels.


oddly there are no missions that require you to ‘‘logi’’ someone else either - or use ewar… or a cloak… they are missing out a lot i feel; techically there should be a whole plethora of weird missions but mostly its just shoot the little red crosses.

Which is great if thats what you like to do but in some ships its basically like your mining… but a bit more button pushing.


The gauntlet you’re more or less describing is like the equivalent to running conduits in Footholds. Try it, warp in at zero and then link your KM. LP (for the twilight skins) is literally the reward btw.

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