Exploration missions

I had a simple idea for some PVE content which as far as I am aware is not in the game outside of the tutorial missions (which doesn’t really count I think).

My idea is Exploration Missions given by agents. Where you would have to find a particular site (either Data or Relic, maybe both or something else entirely?), collect an item and return it to the agent. Maybe these sites are protected by pirates, opposing faction navy, etc.

Level 1 explo agents would give missions within the same solar system.

Level 2 would say that the site is up to 1 jump out

Up to level 5 agents where the site is somewhere within the region.

Possibly there may be bits of information to help narrow down the system like what colour/type of star is in system, how many stations, how many planets, etc.

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It’s as legitimate as mining missions, so I don’t have any real objection.

Exploration can already be pretty profitable, but if miners can hand over ore for LP then I have no particular issue with explorers handing over whatever mcguffin for LP.

The Minmatar Epic Arc includes several missions where you have to hack under fire.

I could see something like this as a rework of the research agents but don’t see it happening until CCP is ready to overhaul the entire mission system. They are doing a lot of experimentation with the event PVE and the Abyss but they’re still too predictable - easy to solve, min/max and farm. We’ll know they’re getting close when the farmers start complaining that they can’t solve the sites and actually have to work for their bounties!

The issue I have with this is that you could do real exploration and score valuable phat lewt instead of simulated exploration and score ■■■■ ISK/LP. I wouldn’t exactly use the existence of Mining missions and, by extension Resource Wars as justification for introducing Exploration missions because the number of players who dislike them (and who had scorn for CCP for wasting limited manpower introducing them instead of working on something else that appealed to a wider player base) vastly outweighs the very, very, very select few players who enjoy and utilize these PVE activities.

At the barest of minimums, too few players would utilize exploration missions (particularly in relation to REAL exploration) for CCP to waste their limited manpower implementing them over stuff that a wider player base will enjoy.

The Minmatar Epic Arc is also the least enjoyable of all the epic arcs, so I also would not use this as justification

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