Would be possible to have something ’ new ', i don’t have problems with current data/relic sites, well data sites that are not Ghost or Sleeper could be buffed a bit while am i getting 5 m isk loot at best but whatever. Pve players got Abyssal but what about exploration focused players? It’s not like explo. is easy to do and getting isk is not easy too. Could we get something similar but with scaning and hacking? Getting loot and delivering to Edecom and getting ’ isk etc ’ for it. They could work as ghost sites but without npcs. If you fail a hack you will get some damage etc. Now, about Project D. I do like to do that mini games but could we get something different or just add as another Project D. That would take some skills to do and would be more interesting than clicking few times same nodes. Thank you and fly safe!

Relic sites. Under the direction of the CCP/Player lore experts, insource/outsource the writing of novellas covering stories in Eve. Have them in the form of diaries, journals, captain’s logs, Plato-like dialogues, audio records, etc. Release them through relic sites. Make archeology great again.

O_O me who plays the game without audio…

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