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Hello to all, my first post

I have an idea for new exploration “escalations”. I thought it would be nice if there is a small chance to find coordinates to an ancient site when you hack a site. It would not have to be close to the place you found it, and could be placed in safe or dangerous space randomly. Maybe there could be some trick to find it, it does not have to be easy, would just be nice with even more activities.

How would you like it, or have more ideas to it?



EVE has a nearly identical escalation mechanic for combat exploration sites so it would be thematically fitting for the feature.


First of all, welcome to Eve, and to the forums.

Second, please don’t let mean comments get to you. Discussions can sometimes get heated, and some of us can be jerks sometimes. In fact, I’m no angel myself.

Now, with that out of the way, Kitty may not have used any tact, but she does have a point. I can certainly understand wanting more content, and new and exciting stuff to explore, but there are a lot places where Eve needs improvement. So, if you want to convince anyone that your priorities deserve developer attention, you need to try to convince people why.

Of course, that isn’t a very easy task, as players and devs all have their own values and priorities. But, CCP does, in fact, sometimes listen to the players.

For now, have you explored all the existing exploration content? Have you checked out hacking and combat sites in HS, LS, NS, and WH’s? How about the Abyss? And I don’t know what exploration content is in Pochven, but that might be worth checking out as well. And if you’re in an alliance, people might be selling bookmarks to escalations on contracts.
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I have moved this to the appropriate section.

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Exploration escalations sound like a completely reasonable addition to the game, and I think there could be some real nice value in them - both in whatever loot you might find, as well as perhaps some neat bits of worldbuilding provided through sites that people would only very rarely come across.

Say you run an Angel Cartel relic site, and it escalates to some search for some remnant First or Second Empire Jove ruins they had discovered x time ago, or a Sleeper Cache site escalates to a location where the Drifters are directing their seeker drones to collect ancient and modern salvage to return to their home space deep in Anoikis, or any other number of things - it all sounds like it has a lot of potential, and while I know something like this is unlikely to just be thrown into the game, I’d be super happy to see such a thing~


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