Research lab escalation sites

Hi all, so I’ve mentioned before about how i feel the exploration sites are very rinse and repeat. well i thought about some stuff currently existing in game, like the ESS keys and how you get the key from point A and have to go to region B to get the ess reserve.

well i was thinking about the same process but applied to an escalation site, these also wouldn’t be run like missions (where you can go room after room) you’d have to wait for the next room to spawn.

so you scan down site A, run it, get key for site B.
you then must wait for site B to spawn.
you must then find it and using your key, access it.
completing site B leads you to site C or 1/10 → 2/10 etc. there is just a delay between spawning and what region they’re in.

each room should have some kind of challenge of basic combat, hacking, data analysis, perhaps some kind of traps like a deep space dungeon exploration vibe.

each step along the way awards you some kind of prize, perhaps some lore about the game, some history, leading to a unique but awesome prize at the end.

I have no idea what that would be but i think perhaps something which could be used to leave some kind of minor note worthy mark in the game more than officer or dead space mods would be kind of cool. a sort of “this player was here” permanent marker “discovered by X on [insert date]”

this idea here is to help bring a team work aspect to exploration style players in the game, i know there’s some groups out there who do stuff like find wormholes or just do general exploration, that one player who went to every single solar system in eve comes to mind, something just a little bit more for those guys.

we need more of them in the long term of the game imho

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