Exploring Exploration -- New Content Idea for a New Age

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Years back, I posted an idea on the EVE-FB group which generated a good amount of positive feedback & enthusiasm. Recently, an in-game friend and I were discussing that idea, and so I thought it’d be a good time to revisit it here on the forums for further scrutiny & collaboration in hopes it can gain some traction. I’ve edited and expanded on the original post below, and also included suggestions that other players had on the thread.

A lot of players, new and old alike, spend their game-time doing exploration content. I’ve noticed, while helping out in Rookie Chat, that it’s a very popular starting point for new players, and it’s also something CCP has occasionally used as a draw in their advertisement for the game. Despite that, exploration lacks the same depth of content & missions that are present in other forms of gameplay. Sure - there are more lucrative and difficult sites to find, but the gameplay loop remains the same: scan, hack, loot, repeat, which is all done solo. I believe this idea expands on that cycle, fills that void for unique multiplayer exploration content, and, most importantly, captures the spirit of exploration, while also serving as an introduction to PvP - albeit in a very light-form.

Simply put, it’s a classic Indiana Jones-style race to retrieve an ancient & sought after Relic before your rivals do.

Players would access this content through an Exploration Agent or Filament and enter a queue similar to that of the Proving Grounds, awaiting 4 other players to join the mission. Once the queue has filled, the agent provides the players with a clue to a remote constellation (the location the relic was last seen) and the explorers race off to locate it first. Once the relic has been scanned down, hacked, and returned to the agent, the mission is complete – leaving you rich and your rivals bitter.

Here are some bullet points and concerns mentioned on the original post:

  • Mission could have an expiration time, adding a sense of urgency
  • Higher level missions can spawn in further constellations, in low security and null space with bigger rewards, which are harder to get to.
  • Sites could feature multi-room puzzles or hazards similar to the Sleeper Cache site.
  • Missions could have stages, with clues in primary sites pointing to new constellations to further the mission / story. Wrong choices leading you away from the goal or springing traps. Allowing others to catch up.
  • Could add a limited engagement timer for the duration of the mission with all pilots involved. Good for players who wish to muscle their way through the mission. (faction exploration frigs would be good for this)
  • Notification sent to other players once someone first accesses the site - pointing them to the system, and putting them pressure on.
  • Would be a great way to insert some lore into the game.
  • Perhaps slide gates to the mission could require keys for entry - so only those who have accepted the mission can enter.
  • LP payout for the winner?
  • Relic sites need love too! Why is it always Data sites that are featured in special events.
  • Allows for light competition between players, introducing newer players to ‘pvp’
  • Why wouldn’t there be space collectors and archeologist willing to pay people to help add to their collections.
  • Random queue to minimize farming or exploits

Anyway, It’s a rough idea, so let me know what you think!

-T o7

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