For new exploration features!

As a fan of exploration and its core concepts, discovery and treasure hunt, I wish for new features for explorers to play with. New systems with exotic environments and alternate ways to enter them. New ways to interact with celestials and suns. New signature types and modules to crack the mystery behind them. New lore-exploration oriented epic arc missions. More exploration escalations that would require a team-effort to hack multiple sites at once located in different systems. Special cosmetics and apparel to be found in these new areas. etc, etc… In short, I miss something romantic.
Exploration is a big part of what makes the Eve experience so fun, and I think more of it can only trigger more player interaction/collaboration, PVP encounters and the like…
I also think Eve is lacking a bit regarding this side of the game-play and that a boost in exploration could definitely bring adventurous and new players into the game. Imagine the fantastic trailers that could be made and what impact these could have on the player base.
I have to say also, I am disappointed with the scope of the Abyssal space right now: I want to see an exploration oriented abyssal experience someday (CCP please…).

Nevertheless, I am as excited for Eve as on the first day I ever logged in the game!
Fly dangerous, fly fun, and cya on the other side.