New and Varied Combat and Exploration PvE

Every Eve player at some point engages with PvE content whether it’s ratting, mining, industry, the market, exploration, or missions. Many Eve players only play PvE content.

Many players, including me, have at times become bored of ratting the same anomalies, running the same Ded complexes, hacking the same data or relic sites, and running the same missions. We end up taking a break from Eve for many months or never coming back. These subscriptions lapse or are gone.

I would like to suggest more variety for cosmic anomalies.

These are items that I personally would like to see in game regarding cosmic anomalies combat sites:

  1. Wider variety in site lay out; meaning that 2 different pirate Havens is not varied enough. Also when pilots can land in site and click orbit and never have to fly around the site it is less engaging. Perhaps having to negotiate one’s way through debris, large structures, a giant asteroid, could be implemented in these sites.

  2. Each site should have a “boss” who not only is flying a tougher ship, but flies it with AI such as targeting your drones and fighters, changing ammo, or overheating modules. Perhaps these “bosses” could use surprising and unexpected fits such as a Sansha pirate using drones. These bosses could be extremely difficult to beat with a definite risk for the player to lose his/her ship and maybe even his/her pod but always reward the player with a large bounty and loot when beaten. Perhaps other players could queue to fly as the bosses for when the boss wave spawns? These interactions could be ranked so that both players are near equal in skill.

I would like to see wider variety to Ded and unrated escalation complexes. There are only 10 varieties of Ded complexes and only a few more unrated complexes. Perhaps some of the changes I mentioned above could be implemented into these complexes.

Another change I would like to see is a wider variety of relic and data sites.

  1. If these sites were to include some combat where the player has to reship or refit somehow, such as a mobile depot, that would make them more challenging.

  2. Variety: I would like to see more sites that are several rooms that require hacking different nodes in the right order before a gate will unlock or a wormhole opens to another room or site in a strange setting.

  3. Exploration sites that require one to use stealth to sneak past “sleeping” enemies if you get my drift.

Exploration means to explore, to discover new things. Explorers for the most part fly from jump gate to jump gate hoping to find already uncommon data and relic sites that aren’t already being hacked.

  1. More sites: to address the issue of balance, nerf the rewards for successfully completing a site. I’d rather do more sites for a little less ISK than fly around for hours hoping for a big reward only to find there aren’t many sites and even fewer that don’t already have another player hacking inside.

These are just some of the things I would like to see change and I am sure many other players have different and better ideas.

Please consider this, maybe focus group it or conduct a poll to see how the community feels.

Colorado Mountainman

A lot of Eve players are time constrained adults who want time bounded content waiting for them when they login with no dependency on someone else’s schedule. For these players PVP content would need to be asynchronous - like the markets.

PVE changes are coming, probably in the winter expansion and I expect we’ll hear more about it in August when devs get back from vacation. I’m hoping for procedurally generated content so you never see the same content twice but we’ll need to wait and see.

Asynchronous competition between players is possible - the markets achieve this and other games rank players and use leaderboards to foster competition. That doesn’t really fit with the sandbox nature of Eve but setting aside significant blocks of time for the game is more difficult as people start careers and families and have more real life responsibility.

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