New Combat Anomalies? Seasonal Anomalies? Use of new AI for them? Fresh Air


I have been thinking about the Combat Anomalies in New Eden, the stuff that a lot of pilots grind, mostly to make more ISK, but also, occasionally bring a friend with them to have some easy time shooting NPCs.

I still think that I am taking a break from EVE, but I find myself logging in every day, flying around. I see a lot of players doing missions and anomalies. I do remember that Fozzie mentioned that he and other devs would love to overhaul missions, but it would be a heavy task.

So I thought it would be easier to start with anomalies instead of missions. Being a player that loves to do anomalies occasionally, I thought that it would be cool to suggest some improvements, although I am still not sure if people would want improvements in this sphere. Will just leave these here.

At least in High Sec, all the anomalies (not the escalations) can be done in a destroyer, and there is really few variety when it comes to them. That doesn’t stop pilots and they clear them on a daily basis, grinding, repeating, I am sure a lot of them want some fresh air. So here are a few suggestions. I don’t want to turn this into a demand, I know how busy devs are, just offering stuff for a long term plan, eventually.

Old Combat Anomalies and Escalations

Would be good to keep them. Having this content would ensure players can have a familiar base, in order to be able to show rookies the basics of combat, or just have some chill time shooting rats, if they wish.

New Combat Anomailes and Escalations

Maybe these should fit into an entire new category, for clarity. I imagine them having the latest scream of NPC AI, diamond NPCs etc. Some fresh variety of new sites would do wonders when it comes to veterans that really want some fresh air in their daily activity, but do not want to jump into the Abyss, taking a risk that is not that comfortable for them. Such new anomalies would be more challenging, not as limited as Abyssal Deadspace, but at the same time less risky than abyss. At least for the option to fly away in case the rats beat the pilots.

Additionally such new anomalies could be more challenging and fleet oriented, even in High Sec, so that pilots can get familiar with combat tactics, a training ground for young FCs etc.

All in all, a set of 7 new anomaly site variations for High Sec and the same amount for the rest of the cluster regions, would bring more interesting gameplay. But just in case it is not enough, here is one more thing.

Seasonal Anomalies and Escalations

Basically this means that a set of combat anomaly sites should be created on a season basis, rolling new ones (that would replace the previous ones) with each new season. This would bring a fresh variety and a sense of suspense when it comes to anomaly hunting. I don’t know about you, but I would enjoy this.

I am sure this will be a lot of ongoing work, but I do hope that as CCP improves their content creation tools, and with the generous funds after the acquisition, some more staff can be hired for this task. I would make a survey to see if players are interested in such anomalies improvements.

Just to mention, all this stuff can be easily applied to Exploration sites, Data, Relics, Ghost, Sleeper Caches etc.

I hope you guys enjoy these suggestions. I do realize there is plenty of content ingame these days, but I felt it would be good to present these, contributing to the idea of daily anomalies overhaul/additions, that would be a first step towards Missions overhaul, eventually.

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