I asked in all channels, in game. I tried to google it. No one has an answer for me.

What class ship would i need for L3 - L4 anomalies. (green combat sites). I got the level off the alt-M list.

L3-L4 were mostly in null.

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Are you referring to Hub’s, Haven’s and Sanctum’s?

Probably need a Carrier to complete those.

What? You can do them in a ■■■■■■■ cruiser. You have never been out of high sec, have you?


A safer bet would be a tanky marauder and a couple of friends.

What the hell kind of cruiser are you using? I died in a damn Dominix.



this guy cant even ask a simple question with your idiotic responses.

ps Necro’d thread lol

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If in high-sec, Delonewolf has some u-tube videos showing even 4 of 10 DED sites can be done in T1 destroyers. My choice for 3’s is destroyers, and 4\s are cruisers(Gila) or HACs. I know its overkill on the 4’s, but I always loot and salvage, so I destroy all NPCs and it speeds things up.

This game has really gone to **** if you can run ded 4 plexes in regular destroyers…

Exactly why I left a few years back when they made exploration noob friendly. I remember when you needed skill and a good fitted ship to run them. not to mention good explo skills for scanning them down.

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It is called blitzing. Can’t be done with angel ded 4.

Untill recently you could use a VNI. After the nerf you can use a Myrmidon if you want to go cheap or an Isthar if you’re willing to “risk” it. Just put 5 heavy attack drones in the bay, warp to the Haven, orbit at 30-50 km, switch on the AB, let loose the drones and sit back while they kill the rats. That’s all there is to ratting in null anomalies.

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It depends on the plex, some are very easy if you know what to expect. Not a new thing at all.

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