What ship for low sec anomalies?

New player here! I have tried quite a few things and have taken a keen interest in wanting to do low sec anomalies, that is probing them down and going for the $$$ loot. However, I tried to take my Vexor in there and got my ass totally kicked.

What ship should I look into training into in order to do these low sec anomalies? Should I go with battlecruiser or battleship?

In the meantime, is the vexor good enough for high sec anomalies? That is when I can find them because of the competition -Frowns-.

3/10 can be done with T3 destroyer
4/10 as well with some skill (kite and separate the boss in last room)
5/10 I’m using my PvP Loki, but a Gila should work fine (where not :wink: )

Check out the room structures of the sites with google, and plan accordingly.

Anomalies? Since they don’t have hull size limits I will go with battleship.

For combat sites (DED sites) you need at least cruiser and BS to be able to do most of them in low sec.

Thank you for the reply, I wanted to start off with high sec anomalies. Is a cruiser good enough for high sec? I tried to do it with a vexor and got my ass totally kicked. I think I will try fitting out a Thorax and trying again. I would like to stick with Gallente, and I do have most of my drone skills skilled up. Thanks a bunch

Should be good enough for any hisec anomaly. Just warp at 20-30 km (r-click on anomaly in probe window to get that option) and speed tank incoming damage and let drones destroy everything.

I don’t have vexor fit since I never used it anomalies (jumped from algos to vexor navy) but active tank will be better option than oversized afterburner like in ratting fits.

Also use this site to get idea what to expect from each site and what to kill to get loot


I ran into a 4/10 DED complex, I don’t remember the name. However, they shot down my drones super fast which is why I think I am going to try a Thorax to take out the bigger ships like the cruisers and battleships, and use my light scout drones to take out the frigates.

I am loving the game so far, I just wanted to find a fun source of income and this seemed to peak my interest. Also, I couldn’t find much information on the Exequror Navy Issue. That is what I am planning to upgrade to next for high sec DED’s, is that a good idea?

It will be good but you need expensive fit. Something like 500 mil or even more depending on where are you running sites (caldari, galente etc. space). Honestly I would suggest taking look at gila as first ship. It has huge tank without faction modules, big dps even on low SP character.

Tell me against what pirates (guristas, serpentis, blood riders, etc.) you are running sites so I can give you some tips how to run them and how fit your ship.

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