Looking for a fit for running lowsec combat sites

Just moved into a lowsec system with my corp in by min space, looking for some recommendations on ships to use for running sites and security missions.

Preferably not too shiny.

Gila or battleship? Some high level angel DED sites have stasis towers so you need to tank all incoming dps, cloak and run to sniping position or use MJD. Anomalies don’t have gates so you can bring anything and hope for commander spawn.

But with ded 3/10 - 4/10’s any cruiser will do the job if you know what are you doing.

for losec combat sites , i use a Jackdaw for 3-4/10.
Did 2-3 5/10 in a Rook, but this is very, very tricky^^

With inertial stabilizer in lo slot , jackdaw alligns pretty fast, so very hard to catch and Rook does not appear on Dscan.

Gatecamps are a really dangerous thing, if you go with BS, or Gila solo, use always scouts when on the way.
A cloaky scout on acceleration gate to the site will give you some more time to warp out.

I like the idea of the recon ship, how does it compare against something that i can already fly like a HAC?

I just got popped & tackled in a wh system and lost my praxis. I’d like to use a Nestor for the scan bonus but they’re rather expensive.

I’d really just like to be able to run sites in peace, i want to make some damn isk instead of losing it all the time. This game is frustrating.

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I’m not sure what type of battleship would be best to train into. I really hate how most of them look save for the Hyperion and some of the Amarr ships.

I’d like to use a Nestor but they are rather expensive.

Arritant isn’t a WH system, it’s lowsec. A very quiet lowsec system for sure, and a dead end, but definitely not a wormhole. Don’t use a Praxis.

T3 cruiser or Gila is what you want and the cost isn’t prohibitive.

I often hang around near there and see your alliance mates bouncing around in T3s and Gilas regularly. Ask in alliance or corp chat for a fit. The cloaky T3 option will mitigate much of the need to get a scout running (but it’s always a good idea regardless).

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T3 is not a good idea as most of the ded sites (escalations) in lowsec don’t allow T3.

Most? Two most would be interested in, the 3 and 4/10.

OP flies scoutless. 5/10 + non rated allows T3.

What’s the issue with having both to hand? None.

If you find a 4/10 use a Stratios or whatever. If you’re going to lowsec to target 3 and 4/10s you’re doing it wrong and would be better off farming anomalies for escalations in hisec.

Regardless of what you fly, this is a critical LS skill. This song should be a required listen. (It’s a classic.)


Sorry, i had meant to say that i got into the system from a wormhole.

My alliance being around would make sense, as that wormhole that took me there often pops up in our home system.

Everyone gives me a hard time about training for the Proteus, and trying to do pve content but it’s the only T3C i can fly. Not many of my corpmates if any run missions, so it’s hard to get fits and advice.

Brother, do I ever feel your pain.
I have made this work in anomalies and sansha 5/10. I’m sure that It can be improved upon. Blood Raiders are a no go.
You can drop the cap charger and use the covops sub but it isn’t cap stable.

True Sansha Medium Armor Repairer
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Centii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Reactive Armor Hardener
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Corelum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer

Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Thukker Large Cap Battery
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Imperial Navy Cap Recharger

Heavy Ion Blaster II
Heavy Ion Blaster II
Heavy Ion Blaster II
Heavy Ion Blaster II
Heavy Ion Blaster II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator I

Proteus Core - Augmented Fusion Reactor
Proteus Defensive - Nanobot Injector
Proteus Offensive - Drone Synthesis Projector
Proteus Propulsion - Hyperspatial Optimization

Hobgoblin II x5
Praetor II x4
Acolyte II x5
Ogre II x4

If you can fly a Proteus you can probably fly an Ishtar. They make nice anom runners. Nice and agile, excellend drone damage. Drones can be a bit to micromanage, but they also have an advantage that you can buzz around the anom which can make you harder to catch as well.

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