Ship for LS DED sites

I’ve been doing combat exploration in hisec for some time already and I’m starting to consider going into low sec to do same thing there.

Issue is that I can’t figure out good starting ship to do this content. What I find on internet is people running sites in T3C. Which is absurd step up from my poor T3D. Is there a some middle ground? A ship that can do ls PvE reasonably well but don’t require years of training?

Any advice will be very welcome since I’m quite clueless about this

I do 5/10 sites in a VNI.

You can easily clear small stuff with light drones, then switch to a 2 Heavy/2 Med/1 Light Flight for the bigger ships.

You can start with a dual armor rep fit that uses cap batteries to stay stable. If you have no problem tanking, you can move to more drone damage mods to do the sites faster.

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I forgot about reaper bonus on VNI. That makes it quite interesting candidate. That being said, 6/10’s and unrated sites seams to have a lot of webs which makes me quite worried when thinking about bringing cruiser that will be relying (I assume) on speed tank, even with bonus to active tank.

The Serpentis 5/10 is like that. Three Stasis towers in the final room, but you can pop then before dying and then zoom around.

I honestly don’t do anything higher. I usually just blitz highsec Anoms in a skybreaker, then run the escalations I get.

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Saw a fit for deds in lowsec for a rook. They cant be seen on dscan. Never tried it 5/10 Guristas DED sites

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Got some nice experience in my confessor in LS. Many sites are easier that I expected so decided to buy stratios. As I gonna get used to sites and living in LS I will try to move into turret based ship or jump into HAC if stratios will be doing it’s job well. For now main limitation is my SP count. But having a blast! Definitely should move outside hisec way sooner.


I did 5/10 and 6/10 solo in a passive shield Stratios in Amarr low sec, very easy and save to do if you know how. Only problem are residents that contest you.

300-400 million is your idea of cheap? Jesus bloody wept, man!

I know we all have our own scales, but seriously.

Honestly, this is the way to do it. Just go out there in something cheap and try ■■■■. You’ll know what to do next. :smiley:

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Fit I ended up costed around 550 mil. It’s pretty much all isk I made in those two days since posting this question. And loot wasn’t that good either. Most from hisec but as said above, first dive into LS was also quite rewarding.

My point is. It gonna pay itself off quite fast. Or die fast. I don’t really care, because it’s fun and I can always step back to HS.

And if you meant guy you quoted. 400 mil battleship is dirt cheap nowdays.

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I’m just glad you’re having fun–that’s the most important thing. As you do your thing you will start to learn which sites need bigger ships and which areas are typically empty and I think you will naturally know what to do next.

One thing I’d suggest is not being too nomadic. Find a good constellation and really get to know the area and dig in. You’ll make more isk and die less if you develop a cursory knowledge of your area. You can also get to know the locals that way and that can be an asset.

Lastly–and this is obvious–be careful about putting all your isk into one ship. The golden rule and all that. And have fun! I love seeing folks thrive in lowsec!


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