Dirty Site

Any recommened fits for running a dirty site in LS. Could someone post a fit.


looks like double rep stratios should be fine. no webber so small drones should be alright ?

HAC would work as well? Sacrilege maybe

it’s a unrated site, with frigate size (and a BS) looks like a ded4 difficulty to me, so yeah,; the issue is not the site in itself, but moving in LS and not getting killed.

Gila as for everything in lowsec expect non-drone DED5+ and few unrated sites like Minor Annex etc.

I used to run them in a fairly standard buffer fit caracal.

this a standard abyssal type fit?

Really depends on your budget. In lowsec your biggest problem is going to be people hunting you, not the rats.

I generally prefer a Stratios for both problems.

That said, if you want to go with a cheaper version, a Vexor or Vexor Navy Issue can do them as well, just fit 2 armor reps, and whatever cap mods/rigs you need to get a couple of minutes running both reps. Works well, just scoot if you see anyone on close dscan. The site can pay well if you get a good sentient drop, and is a fun one regardless

Came for “Dirty Site” Left disappointed.

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