Looking for some advice on doing DED sites "high sec"

(Neutron Pixie) #1

So I know about the ship restrictions. And I understand scanning and site difference. My main question is what is a good all around high sec ded farming ship. So far I have been looking at a cruiser VNI or Gila to potentially do 3-5/10 sites.

(Abyss Azizora) #2

Your on the right path, VNIs/Gilas/Stratios/etc all work fine.

(Tam Arai) #3

heavy assault cruisers work well too

my sacrilege can run 3-5 ded angel sites no problem

it also has space for a probe launcher

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #4

All the above will work fine. Ishtars were very popular for a while, for some reason don’t see that many of those around lately. Note that for DED’s only you want speed and best dps you can get out of your skills as this is very competitive enviroment. Although possible in theory I have never seen 5/10 in high sec.

If you want a real all rounder though, Stratios is the only reasonable choice. You can run DED’s, sleeper sites, ghost sites, all with a single fit.

(Xandar Dice) #5

The ships you mentioned are all fine, with VNI maybe rat aggro on drones is a little bit annoying, while the Gila’s drones have so many hit points that it’s not that much of a problem. Besides, T1s can usually do the job and they’re practically disposable even as an alpha clone with lower skills.

I have actually found a 5/10 in high sec before but it’s the only one I’ve ever found in the numerous signatures I’ve scanned. Don’t count on it to spawn, it’s like really really rare IMO.

(Anderson Geten) #6

only available as escalations.

(Neutron Pixie) #7

Anyone have a stratios fit?

(Ricky F Digits) #8

Personally I use an astero to run 1-3/10s in both low and high sec. Its a cap stable active armor tank with 2 DDA and AB for sig tanking. As it is I can run blood raider 3/10 basically afk. Literally for each room I click orbit next gate @ 5-10k turn on AB and launch drones. If my shield alarm even goes off I turn on the repper and back to watching TV. The added bonus is the ability to hack sites pretty reasonably well if you want to grab more isk between finding ded sites. Not at home so I can’t link my fit, but I will try to list it here.

Covops cloak
Sisters probe launcher/sisters probes

1MN A-type AB
Republic small cap battery
T2 scram
T2 Web/relic/data

2x Drone Damage Amp T2
Damage control T2
A-Type small armor rep

2x T2 Aux Nano Pump
T1 Explosive resist rig

Cargo hold carries mobile depot, nanite for fixing damaged modules, spare probes, and a remote armor rep (to heal drones when needed)

Drone bay has 5x faction hobs, 5x faction warrior, 5x EC-300s

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #9

[Shield buffer, Dps fit]

5x Drone Damage Amplifier T2 / Fed Navy if Bling

2x Active shield hardeners or Invuln + one specific
50MN Microwarpdrive II or T1
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

4x Heavy Neutron Blaster II / maybe projectiles
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

3x Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Light drones x8
Medium drones x6
Light ECM x5
Heavies x6
Sentries x6

[Stratios, AllRounder]
‘Meditation’ Medium Armor Repairer I
Shadow Serpentis Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Federation Navy 1600mm Steel Plates
Damage Control II
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
PL-0 Scoped Cargo Scanner
Data Analyzer II
Relic Analyzer II
Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery

3x 125mm Prototype Gauss Gun
Small Tractor Beam II /offline with analyzers
Sisters Core/Expanded Probe Launcher

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II

Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe
Sisters Core Scanner Probe

(Ricky F Digits) #10

One thing I have determined from testing is that for DED sites the stratios can do 3/10 and 4/10 easily, but the leap to 5/10 requires a pretty decently skilled account. So unless the OP has built up the right skills to maximize the stratios it would be a 600m-1.4b waste just to run 4/10s and not be able to handle 5/10s. That is why I recommend the Astero, which can easily do 1-3/10s which tbh are the most common high sec sites anyway. It also allows an easier transition to low sec as its damn hard to catch one even with instalock gate camp. It also comes with a much much cheaper price tag as even my most blingy one was still under 600m and a fairly good fit like the one I posted is still sub 300m. For the 4 and 5/10 escalations you’d be better served with a VNI anyway as opposed to a stratios…but I guess if he really wants to try it that’s on him.

(Anderson Geten) #11

HAC can be good too . Pirate ships will lack the tank+gank to make 5/10 (maybe gila ca do it)

astero is ridiculously bad for ded3. get something more punchy.
Sure he can do them, but it’s very long : delay of sending drones + low DPS means longer than a correct fitted T1 cr.

actually, in Eve getting a ship adapted for each site may be much more efficient.

(Ricky F Digits) #12

I have to flat out disagree with you on astero doing 3/10s its frankly so easy and fast that I almost feel weird. Just last night I did 2 back to back same system and it took me around 40min for both to be finished. I didn’t have to even do anything other than turn on prop mod, orbit gate @ 10k, allow rats to aggro and drop drones…then I watched tv. 4/10 maybe do able but that’s where it becomes not worth the time or effort.
I literally make my isk in eve with an astero exclusively doing ded sites (both rated and unrated) and I tend to pull 100-200m a session (around 3-5hrs). If you are having trouble clearing a 3/10 in reasonable time in the fit I posted its your skills holding you back…that’s really all I can say.

(Ricky F Digits) #13

In fact I’d wager it would take you longer to scan it down and go reship (unless its the system you have the t1 cruiser) than it would take my astero to scan it and go right to it. Also if it is same system as your cruiser then what about the next one…you gotta go back get the scanner probe more down then what…do you try to leap frog ships with you or just scan a bunch then try to fly to them before someone like me clears them all? Cause I can tell you I will be there clearing them one after the next.

(Anderson Geten) #14

it should not take you more than 15 min to do a ded3.
I think I do some in 8 but I may be wrong here (from the moment I land at gate to the moment I open the can)
And people told me they do them in 6 but I am not them.

Also you can definitely scan them in a non-explorer ship. eg vexor (or vni) though I don’t like it.

I know it’s not a competition about having the bigger one, I just point out that asteros are not very efficient.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #15

It all comes down to skills, ship fitting and specific site. With perfect skills you can scan sites with combat probes on a non bonused ship fairly efficient. BR 3/10 can be done easy in a Astero but hop on to Serpentis 3/10 and you’ll get stuck there for quite a while.

In gereral cruisers are best all round ships and either you specialize fit to max out efficiency or go for a wider spectrum sacrificing efficiency. Reshipping is worst solution as usually the site will be done by the time you reship.

(Anderson Geten) #16

hu… no.

a T1 explo frigate costs 10M. A T1 cr costs around 30M. you buy several cr and place them in several places.
You have your route, you place a T1cr every 3 jumps ; and you BM its location.
Then fit hyperspatials and inert stabs to your explo frig.
when you find a site, you have your locations list available, just right click set desto, right click system add waypoint. you will be zero, one or two jumps away from your cr.
You can even make a contract to move your unfitted ships and then assemble them.

(Ricky F Digits) #17

By the time you do all of that some guy like me in an astero will have already done them and have moved on. Also depending on where you try this enjoy the gate camps which will have you replacing ships in far flung places often. It sounds good in theory but in practice its not very practical.

(elitatwo) #18

I would still recommend a Stratios instead of a Vexor Navy Issue because of the covert ops cloak.

And please show me the Gila that runs a Sansha DED 5/10 without being roasted.

(Anderson Geten) #19

why would you need a covert cloak in high sec ?
I said “maybe” because the gila has superior tank.

of course if he gets webbed + neuted … he gets dead.

(elitatwo) #20

Oh, I was thinking lowsec. Anyhow, if you leave the cloak, you have room for guns and a bonuses probe launcher.