Highsec PVE - 3/10's up to 5/10's

Hey guys :smiley:

I just wanna know if there are general reccs for DED sites. As far as I can tell, drone sites are only good for guaranteed faction rat, and escalations, which are more probable compared to non-ded counterparts.
However, lately, I got 350m in loot from sites after 10 hours of pure despair over getting nothing but 2m.
So, in practise, I scan for DEDs, instead of escalating them, since they seem to be plentiful in my region.
I fly heavy assault orthrus (and will switch to Loki next week or week after, since I’ll just inject my way to it).
Is there any general way to do this more efficiently? My current orthus has 62% EM & 30% TH resists with boost of 92 hp/s (with blue pill). I will improve this later with Dread Guristas shield amps, and later X-type amps and implants.
What do I need to run 5/10s? Will Loki be enough? Fit have put for loki has 240 hp/s raw shield recovery not including resists, albeit it lacks DPS.

Thank you, and have amazing time! :smiley:

A few things:

  • a T3 cruiser like the Loki can not enter 3/10 and 4/10 so ideally you want a pirate cruiser or a HAC

  • Anoms on their own have a low chance to escalate and very often it’ll be outside high sec which you want to avoid so realistically the chance of getting an escalation that you actually can do is VERY low. You can avoid this issue by only sticking to very specific areas where it simply can not lead to escalations outside high sec but you’ll have a lot of competition there.

  • because of the above it is thus best to only bother with anoms if you’re scanning anyway: if you just see na anom just don’t bother, keep moving on until you have something to scan for and then while scanning then do the anoms in that system

  • drone sites don’t drop very often regardless of their faction spawn, I found that they have a much worse average payout than normal faction DED so I generally don’t bother with them at all, especially since the resists and damage type patterns might be all “wrong” for the faction space you are in and the ship & fit you are using.

  • HAM aren’t exactly ideal for this: you have no range which depending on what faction of space you do this is can be really problematic and if you have to compete with someone else in that site and you both enter the last pocket where, inevitably, the faction target is 50-60km away then you will lose to that other player if his ship HAS the range. Javelin missiles kinda fix that but not really, it’s still not great. Everyone will tell you to use rapid lights but the reload can catch you out especially when competing with someone else. Heavies are actually low key good for this.

  • what is the best ship, weapons type and fit depends on what faction(s) of space you do this in. What works great in Gallente space might not work well in Amarr space or vice versa. The same goes for the 5/10 which differ per faction quite a bit. A Tengu would work great for Serpentis and Guristas but absolutely suck in Sansha and Blood Raider space. Damage types to tank, to deal and damage projection all vary quite a bit and some of the sites are far more specific than others. So to give any meaningful answers we need to know where you do this.

I just got 100m out of 4/10, so I’m pretty happy with that. Well, my end goal with Loki is to do 5/10’s of Sansha. Sansha anoms seem to be easy, it took me just under 10 minutes to finish 4/10, though I saved wreck and warped off.

Ok so you want to use the loki specifically for the 5/10 then. That can work if you use the missile variant but the dps is never going to be amazing for it. Turrets get range disrupted a lot so that’s not ideal in amarr space either. In Blood raider space this can become problematic though, those 5/10 can neut your cruiser out pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

That is also why blood raider is a no-no, since they are hard as hell :D.

It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity. The more people think that way the better it is for people who plan and adapt. Less competition = better income.


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