Ship for High Sec DED 4/10

Hi all,

I want to start doing DED 3/10 and 4/10 in High Sec. I have both a beam Confessor and rails Hecate that should do nicely for the 3/10s, but need advice on 4/10s. For some background, I have very good sub-cap skills overall, including scanning (all at 4 or 5).

In an older post, @Markus_Reinhart suggested sentry Stratios or Ishtar, so I may go that route. I’ve never flown either of the aforementioned ships, though I’m guessing the Ishtar is far superior in terms of pure combat. Do the scanning bonuses on the Stratios really make up for lower drone bandwidth and range?

Anyone have a good fit? Markus, if you’re around, can you please post your fit :grinning:

I’m open to other suggestions. All advice appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I’d like to keep bling to a minimum

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depends on the faction you are fighting against.

Typically, a T2 ship of the opposing empire faction (eg amarr for angel, gallente for guristas) would be good enough to allow easy tanking on a few modules . Then you just need projection to kite tank, and here you are.
In the first rooms, kill everything ; in the last room, snipe the commander. the most annoying will be the radar in the guristas, or the BS in the serpentis, BM THE FUCCKING CAN, warp out, wait 2 min, then warp to the BM and cancel until it does not warn you about the ded4 ; then warp to the can and loot it.
Two things however :

  • angel ded4 can be tanked easily, so you just blast your way through the commander at close range.
  • same for the serp BS if you OL your guns.

I’ve done serp and angel in a cynabal passive fit. and the guristas in an AB fit caracal (just did it recently with a low SP toon). I do’nt remembber the sansha and blood. (I think I did the blood in a T2 amarr but can’t remember)

stratios, gila or ishtar suck. Get yourself a real ship.

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For tanking maybe but definitely not for dealing damage. Angel have really high EM and Thermal Resists. Angel are weak against Explosive, so you need a ship that can deal this damage, which means any missile ship and ships with projectile weapons or drone ships.

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so what ?

I was talking about the ships that are the most easy to get in in order to make the site. It’s because, though actually easy to do once understood, starting them you may find out you lack the DPS or the tank to complete them. Once you are used to doing them, you can do them in more performance oriented fits (You’ll notice a cynabal is not an amarr ship, nor a caldari, and a caracal is not a serpentis ship)

kitey drone Vexor ftw.

OK it’s slow going against larger ships, but it breezes through Serpentis Narcotics Warehouses.

You should maybe make that clearer to a person asking such a comprehensive question. Amarr is mostly lasers with only very few missile ships. With a Zealot, Devoter or Omen or Maller (don’t even mention the Arbitrator) you are going to gouge your eyes out of year head.

Also: the opposing empire faction against Angel is Minmatar, not Amarr. Amarr are opposing factions against Sansha and Blood Raider. Just to remove some unnecessary misunderstandings. :innocent:

That would be Minmatar T2 ships. Why? Because Angel deal omni damage and not just Explo/Kin. There are entire anomalies and rooms of DED complexes that deal very high levels of EM/Therm and little Explo/Kin. Minmatar ships also deal the damage the targets are weakest to, which puts you in a position to actually finish a site without getting into the trouble of the NPCs breaking you.

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No, minmatar is the corresponding empire faction of angels, not the opposite. The opposite faction is the one that has resist bonus against that faction’s DPS on the T2 hulls. So amarr is the opposite faction of minmatar/angels

Nope. Just, no. I won’t sweet every details just in case somebody does not understand them.

It’s easier to tank the room with a ship of the opposite faction, period.

BTW the real issue is more “how can I do sansha/blood sites in a missile T2 minmatar ship ?” .
Well I don’t know. Besides the claymore, also the only long range ship is the munin so … well. Try munin, with emp M ? I guess with base 90/67.5 resists you may only need one tanking module.

Confessor works fine for Blood and Sansha 4/10, it’s not fast, but if you’re popping the commander and running then waiting for despawn they’re pretty good. Use Aurora and speed tank the second room in the Sansha 4/10, for the Mul Zatah it’s a case of simply popping the can. With the right fit you should have 70km + range with Aurora. In the first rooms switch to multifrequency when incoming is manageable.

It’s not the best ship for the job but it’s capable.

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Confessor vs Sansha

[Confessor, Confessor fit]

Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Co-Processor II

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Optical Compact Tracking Computer
Optical Compact Tracking Computer

Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Small Focused Beam Laser II
Core Probe Launcher II
[Empty High slot]

Small Energy Locus Coordinator II
Small Energy Locus Coordinator II
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Aurora S x32
Imperial Navy Gamma S x8
Imperial Navy Ultraviolet S x8
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

Pull range and snipe. In sharpshooter mode, you get 74 km optimal with Aurora and 66% resist to tracking disruption, thanks to stacking penalties your range shouldn’t drop below 50 km which is enough for the overseer in the last room. Even then, you can just pull even more range and get out of tracking disruptor optimal to shoot from 70+ km.

Stratios works quite alright, I don’t know why it is being gatekept from being a real ship to be honest. The scanning bonus comes in very handy in particular.

Edit: Also, split your guns to two groups so you don’t lose out on volley strike on frigate rats, this will basically half your site completion time.

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because like most drone ship it’s used for people who want to “chill” , that is let their drones do the work while they can AFK perma tank the site. Which is the complete of “having fun”, and also why the ship is often used in non-optimal way : “I can run it so it’s good”.

Plus, the issue is the delayed damage for non-sentry, and non-perfect application for large and medium drones, which means the DPs is actually much lower than the paper one. You need drone navigation + omni to make the drones actually deal acceptable level of DPS (when the drones alpha one rat, they take more time switching rat than actually shooting). While you can one shot rats(destroyers) with two-groups guns on other ships…

After that, some people come whinning “someone stole my ded site”. Well you were too slow bro, you did not deserve it.

Ishtar is fine. Drop sentries snipe, bm warp out. Barely even need much tank

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does it have more DPS on those sentries than a caracal ?

Beats me. I’ve honestly never flown a caracal in all my years playing eve. But as an all in one explorer that can clear 4/10’s without reshipping as well as hack it works well enough.

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With four sentries and three guns, you get up to 500 DPS which you apply comfortably at range. If you do fit it optimally, it is quite efficient.

Then again, I’m not sure how well it works outside Sansha space, though I recall there was a video of a Stratios clearing a 5/10 Blood site.

I really love Phantasm for highsec combat exploration. I do every faction 3-4-5/10s without reshipping and even without refitting in some situations. Add resist mod for 5/10s, but that’s it. Not sure it’ll work without deadspace mods though. Look up my zkill losses XD

3/10s generally take 7-9 minutes (3 minutes Sansha)
4/10s take 7-9 minutes
Angel 5/10 takes 1 hour (-___-’ ), Gurista and Serpentis - 40-45, Blood and Sansha 25 min

Also do every Ghost site I come by.

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Some people like actively controlling their drones. Different play styles for different folks.

My original post was specifically about using Sentries. Plus, it’s great that you can have different drones to cover all damage types.

As an aside, what modules will increase Sentry drone optimal range?

Still interested in fits if anyone has 'em :grin:

omnis. AFAIK that’s the only interest of the optimal range script.

I don’t like the whole drone boat concept, still it’s just my opinion. If you are fine running deds in stratios/gila/ishtar, please do.

I forgot to say about ded5 : I do them in a mach in HS. it’s a monster.
I’ve done some in raven navy, in ishtar, in worm, in dominix (easy mode), in rattle. In the end it’s all about completion time, all BS with a MJD are super safe, so I think rattle is fastest, but mach beats it to travel times. if marauders are allowed, I guess one would be very good.

An Astero can run DED 1 to 4 in Serpentis space.

With Serpentis DED 4, orbit the battleship at around 25km and just use Hobgoblins.

Asteros take a little longer to complete DED 3s and 4s, but they can scan systems quicker due to their scanning bonus, have higher warp speeds, and have the option of running DED 1s and 2s. The cloak means you can also explore low sec or venture to high sec islands.

This fit isn’t too blingy. It costs 160m isk.

[Astero, serpentis combat explorer ded1-4 - shield buffer]

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Shield Power Relay II (or Power Diagnostic System II)

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender
Domination Kinetic Deflection Amplifier
Gistum C-Type Thermal Dissipation Amplifier

Sisters Core Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Small Core Defense Field Extender II
Small Core Defense Field Extender II
Small Core Defense Field Extender II

Hobgoblin II x5
Hornet II x5

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Even with great drone skills, Astero has pretty low DPS. I imagine it’s pretty slow-going for anything higher than 2/10.

Are 1/10 sites even worth doing?

From my log with my Astero:

DED 1: takes 3 minutes for average of 32m in loot (or 640m isk/hr)
DED 2: takes 9 minutes for average of 42m in loot (or 280m isk/hr)
DED 3: takes 15 minutes for average of 57m in loot (or 220m isk/hr)
DED 4: takes 15 minutes for average of 100m in loot (or 400m isk/hr)

I’ve run DED 3s and 4s with a high DPS blaster Hecate as well as a light missile Jackdaw, and the best time I got was 10 minutes for both sites. An Astero takes an extra 5 minutes, so it’s not too bad. In exchange, you can run everything else and scan quicker.

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