Looking for a decent highsec combat ship/fit for escalations and ded sites

I am chasing a decent fit for high-sec exploration/combat sites. Especially Ded Rated Sites 3/10 and 4/10 etc That can also do escalations. As this is a high-sec fit i wouldn’t mind going some factions mods or drones but would like to keep under 800m. Main thing is i want to be able to do the combat sites fast focusing on the use of my drone skills. (most my skills are in drones)

I was thinking stratios but struggling to find a decent fit, or maybe a ishtar could pull this off ? not sure if i can get the scan strength needed ? or if it can go in a 3/10 site.

long term obviously want to look at a t3 but still training the skills to fly one decent

Would love some advice.

Drone skills -> Gila is your ship.

I personally hate Gila, so I don’t have any fit for it.

3/10 lets in everything up to cruiser (faction and T2 incl.), no T3 tho.
4/10 lets in everything up to BC, no T3 also.

Out of highsec combat sites T3 can do Unrated DED (Watch, Vigil) and 5/10 (Den escalation). Ghost and Sleeper Caches as non-combat sites.

Since you want to also scan and I asume not go back and switch ships every time I’d say stratios is your best option until you can use a t3 which would allow you to swap fits and subs on a depo from scanning to dps

A tech 2 fit Stratios with sentry drones and some mix of heavy and medium ones.

The trick for DED 3 and 4 complexes is to snipe a smaller structure with the sentries, bookmark the can, warp to a station and dock, undock and warp to the box.

The Astero can do all DED 1 and 2 by killing the “boss” frigate or destroyer. Don’t clear the rooms, not worth the time. It’s only worth doing in 5-10/10 complexes because you have to (in cruiser class ships), but not always.

You are thinking of the Mul-Zatah monastery, that’s the Blood Raider 4/10. The other DEDs do not have a structure, they have a rat you must kill.

Most DEDs require you to kill the room before you can take the next gate. Once you’re in the final room, feel free to rush the overseer and kill him. You are correct that he’s the only one worth looting. However, a properly fit astero can most run 3/10 as well using this tactic.

In fact, it’s never worth clearing the rooms in 5/10s and up unless necessary. In a 5/10 the bounties from the rats are about 5-10m, while the overseer effect is 40-50m and any faction drops can be up to 500m. Don’t worry about those minuscule bounties, go for the big rewards. This holds up until 10/10.

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I personally use a HAC to do hisec exploration. I do all the scanning and killing with the same ship to save time. You can do ded 3s and 4s with it. It also has enough tank to take a full hit from a lesser covert site without needing the new hac modules. In fact I don’t use that module at all on my pve fit.

You should know your priorities in hisec exploration. I personally am always looking for certain sites to run like ded3s, ded4s, lesser coverts, and certain escalation sites like dens. You can run all these sites with good skills in a HAC without ever needing to dock or change out or even change fittings.

You can not do deds with a t3 the ship will not fit, you however can do escalations if you choose with it.

I also recommend doing sleeper caches but if you choose that path I also recommend a very specific scanning ship for the task on top of a changeout ship to actually run the site. Don’t ever bring your scanning ship inside of a sleeper cache, at least not until you are far from new.

What he said still applies though. You can pop the officer, bookmark it, warp out, wait for despawn and then warp back to save time.

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Gila hate is all over from here.

Use a T3D
They kill faster than cruisers the lower tiers and can easily do 4/10s if properly fit.

Depending on the space I am in I use a rail Hecate or a beam Confessor.

These are my top choices in high sec too. Both lovely ships.

[Jackdaw, Jackdaw fit copy]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner
Pithi A-Type Small Shield Booster
Pith X-Type Kinetic Deflection Field
Pith X-Type Thermal Dissipation Field
Cap Recharger II

Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II
[Empty Rig slot]

Strong Blue Pill Booster x2
Scourge Fury Light Missile x5000
Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile x5000
Nanite Repair Paste x100
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x16
Mobile Tractor Unit x1
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB7 Dose III x2

For Gurista / Serpentis Space

Gila is love Gila is life :heart:

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