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Hello, I am new to EvE and have a quick question, i love exploration but don’t have the combat skills to do combat sites yet and i got wrecked once already at a exploration site but i was wondering what ship would be good to do the combat sites, i’m gallente but drone skills take lots of time to train and i was thinking a caldari ship might be better to do combat sites so i just need advice on this topic.

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If you’re talking HS/LS up to DED5, a Stratios is probably your best bet. Drones are probably the fastest weapon to train so go ahead and finish them before you venture to missile ships.

The drone ships are probably the easiest to train into. The Tristan, Algos, and the Vexor are gallente favorites.

I do most all lower level High sec combat sites, without ever firing a shot.

There are a lot of different types of combat sites. There is no one ship that can run them all, if you plan to run combat sigs, you’ll need to learn the names and find a ship that works for you to run them.

The most profitable combat sites are the DED sites (although the unrated sites are quite nice as well!) DED sites have a rating from 1 to 10, which determines what ships are allowed inside, and how difficult they are. As a rule of thumb:

---- High sec DEDs ----
DED 1/10: Only frigates or smaller (shuttles, pod and rookie ships) allowed inside. They are quite easy, I’ve run them in rookie ships (just to prove a point…) but a frigate is recommended, faction/T2 if you want to run them quickly.

DED 2/10: Only destroyers or smaller allowed inside. A well fit T1 frigate can run them, but I would recommend a T1 destroyer, or a T3 destroyer if you want to run the site quickly.

DED 3/10: Only (battle?)cruisers or smaller allowed inside. T3 cruisers are not allowed. A T1 cruiser runs these sites really quickly.

DED 4/10: Only battlecruisers or smaller allowed inside. T3 cruisers are not allowed. A T1 cruiser can run them, a pirate/T2 cruiser runs them quickly.

---- Low sec DEDs ----
5/10 and 6/10: Battleships are allowed inside. Quickest to run these is probably a T2 or T3 cruiser, or a faction BS like a rattlesnake.

---- Null sec DEDs ----
7/10 through 10/10: Runnable by faction BS, marauder, or blinged up T3 cruiser. It’s usually faster to use two (you, plus alt or friend). It might be posible to use capital ships here, I’d have to look that up.

In my experience, the high sec and null sec DEDs are overfarmed and not worth a lot. The low sec DEDs can have quite valuable (up to 700m) drops, and are relatively quick to run. (A sansha 5/10 takes me 10-12 minutes.)

Many ships in EvE use drones as a secondary weapons system. Battleships especially benefit from having a way to deal with fast frigates at closer ranges where their bigger guns have trouble tracking them. Train drones - at least light drones - regadless of your race.

I started to be able to solo them with a Vexor, but before that I had a friend who would split the loot with me whenever I’d find an escalation. I’d help her run them in my Thrasher

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I run them in a kiting Thorax, drones can’t keep up with the boaster battleships that like to spawn in those.
[Thorax, DeD Thorax]
Vortex Compact Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Vortex Compact Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector
Damage Control II
Vigor Compact Micro Auxiliary Power Core

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Large Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I
Limited Thermal Dissipation Field I

250mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Antimatter Charge M
[empty high slot]

Medium Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Hobgoblin I x6
Hammerhead I x2

I have never seen a DED 3/10 or lower…

Last I checked, 3/10 still show up in high sec, they just get cleared very quickly (a 3/10 takes me a few minutes). I think the 1/10 and 2/10 mostly show up as escalations in high sec (they show up as regular scannable signatures in low sec though. It’s been a while since I did anything in HS tbh…)

When I was only a few months old, I used to run 4/10 in a heavy missile caracal without any issues. As for your thorax, I’m not sure what you mean by “drones can’t keep up”, thorax is a gun boat, your drones aren’t that important. If you want a more drone focussed ship try a vexor. I would however recommend you train up T2 guns and a T2 tank (and eventually T2 drones), those will speed thing up considerably.

Also, not all 4/10s have battleships in them, I think only the gallente 4/10 does. Most are just frigates and cruisers.

I mean tried in a vexor but my drones couldn’t catch the MWD battleships till they were in face melting blaster range, and the vexor didn’t have enough DPS to really beat his reps so started using a Thorax, and let the drones work over the small fries. Need to train up my t2 guns, and web drones

I’m sure they do pop up I just never had the chance to find one. I only ever found the 4/10s on up. I live in .5 or ,6 systems.

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