High sec relic/ data/ combat site ship help please


I wanted to ask if there is a single ship I can build towards that can run data/ relic/ and combat sites up to say 4/10 in high sec? I am looking to see if I can use 1 ship instead of separate explore ship and combat ships. I am omega. If so, are there faction specific ships I can use as I have 2 accounts, both omega, 1 caldari and 1 Gallente. I am trying to stay within each faction for ships.

If not within the 2 empires, is there a ship from one of the other races, like pirates, sisters etc?

Thank you for any help.

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I run 1 scan / hacking ship 1 combat ship in fleet , easiest and cheapest way imo . Other than that you might look at the stratios but there expensive and may take a while to train .

Yeah my issue is as I explore i end up moving farther away from where my combat ship is docked and at that point it makes no point to do a 14 etc jump round trip to go grab my combat ship and then do it again to go back and get my explore ship. Thats why I would like to find 1 ship that can do it all.

The stratios uses lasers right? Yeah neither of my characters are lasers. but ill look at it,

Thank you for the reply.

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I just jump them both together and dock the one I’m not using at the time.

My gallents scans and hacks and my caldari does the combat sites if any good ones come up .

/edit also given what you have just said , it might be a silly question , but you do understand the theory and practice of multiboxing don’t you ?

Im not sure, can you explain?

You can launch both your omega accounts at once and have 2 ships flying in space at once you just need to swop between accounts to give them instructions.

Also just thought on maybe the gnosis would be a good hull for what you originally asked , its a battle cruiser though so might not be able to gate into the lower level ded sites

Wait, so am I launching the game twice, once on each account and the basically alt-tabbing to go between them?

Yes exactly

The Stratios is a very good all in one exploration cruiser. It can handle most sites T2 fit, with some of the harder sites needing faction items.

T3 cruisers is what you’re looking for. Tengu will do it handily.

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What about a Gnosis?

They are barred out of high sec ded sites by the gates though .

what about the T3 Destroyers? Jackdaw, Hecate? Can they handle data/ relic scanning and DED combat sites in high sec up to say 4/10?

T3 Cruisers work great because you can refit them in space to change from scanning fits to combat fits

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As a gallente, are they decent for this? im not hearing great things about the Proteus…

Check out this link. Ashy has some great fits Fit Kitchen: The Proteus » Ashy in Space

Ah true. Then gila prob.

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They don’t. only site T3C can run in hisec is 5/10 escalation and anomalies. They are useless.

OP, Cruisers/HAC’s and T3D are your best bet. Scanning is not a issue even with low skills and just t1 probe launcher + sisters probes.

My best picks for gun based ships are confessor, phantasm (all space, including minmatar/angel) or AC cynabal. Didn’t tested HAC’s.

For a drones, vexor is probably best ship if you are thinking of starting combat exploration from day one. Gila and sentry ishtar are solid pick. Stratios is slow in my opinion. But only choice if you want get into sentry drone sniping before skilling into ishtar.

For missiles, orthrus or jackdaw. Problem with missile cruisers is that 90% of targets are frigates, so you are forced to use short range weapons. But jackdaw due to using light missiles/rockets can do all hisec content expect 5/10’s and 1/10’s

If you are running sites on daily basis and in one area (region/constellation) I strongly advice bookmarking all wh’s and other signatures you don’t want. It will drastically cut your scanning times. Since you won’t be scanning same stuff over and over again. and in many cases will give upper hand on competition.


If I remember correctly T3 Cruisers were only restricted from DED 3/10 and 4/10 sites but can still access the unrated combat sites.

Vigil’s and watches, on uni-wiki are market as battlecuriser locked. Which seams to be same as 4/10. Didn’t tested myself. There are some inconsistency between factions. For example guristas lookout only allows up to T3D while other factions up to BS and T3C. But still, not really worth running them as most isk come from rated sites. And while vigils are profitable (got even 500 mil + implant drops). They are very rare. Sites are very easy. There is no point in limiting yourself from at lest 50% of potential income with zero to minimal gain in efficiency.

Only good use of T3C in hisec is angels, as it’s only faction that escalate 5/10’s from both dens and refuges.

Bottom line is, if you have skills to fly T3C you should be in LS or even Null making dank isk.

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