Best ship and fit choices for running high sec combat sites/ escalations


I wanted to know if the Svipul and the vagabond would make for decent ship choices for starting some high sec exploration combat sites. I can fly any non capital ship and I am not overly worried about isk/ hr etc. I am omega.

I do like to fly ships that I like the look of or think are cool if they are viable over a ship I dont like even if its better, of course not is its alot better. If I do decide to venture into low sec at some point I have a Tengu and would also like to try the Proteus but thats another topic altogether.

I know some have said the confessor is very good, but I really think the way the Svipul front folds down is just really cool. But again are either of these ships choices a solid place to start?

Thank you

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Any of the T3Ds could do what you are asking for. It depends on your playstyle and the type of NPCs you are taking on as to one being better than the other. The Jackdaw has great application with light missiles, and the Confessor has the most dps (and the extra utility high slot). A shield tanked arti svipul can do them but you must manage a bit more with range and ammo reloads.

You have the advantage of entry to virtually any site (1-4 and unrated) that might exclude cruiser or BC, but be prepared for a race with Gila’s for some of the prizes. Never done a 5/10 with the T3D however it might be doable…

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Wouldn’t suggest taking some of the 5/10s on with a T3D. A couple of them with the final room and getting lit up with 80K+ range web towers and a lot of everything else suddenly applying extra well hurts too much on that light a hull. There is a reason why some of those complexes have a MJD very highly recommended.

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That is what only matters. And between those two I would take vagabond. Just remember , that you will have to deal with (relatively) low range comparing to Gila or Ishtar, which are used by the rest of new Eden for the job.

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I’ve been trying to learn how to scan down a site etc on sisi using the Vagabond. Found a guristas den in a .5 system but I have no idea what level it was but the Vagabond did very well. Going to try some more and then try some Abyss next.

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automissiles + rocket cruiser can save u a tons of time

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Gila or Stratios.

I find the Stratios more flexible than the Gila. Both are drone dependent, so you need high drone skills.

When I say I find the Stratios more flexible, I mean that the Gila is kind of locked into a high dps medium combat drone role. It’s a medium drone close-quarter brawler. The Stratios allows me to choose engagement range to a larger degree. In some sites, I can go in close and brawn things down, but in others I can snipe with sentries from afar.

Do you have a solid stratios fit you can share?

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This is my work-horse. I use this on my isk-earning alt, and it can handle pretty much everything in high-sec EXCEPT sites with a lot of elite ships. Like Sansha Vigil or the equivalents for other pirate factions. This fit strikes a balance between utility and offence and defence. My choice of weapons are dependent on shooting blood raiders and sansha, because my alt operates somwhere in Amarr-space. You’d want to switch out those damage type specific things for whatever is predominant in your area.

1600mm Steel Plates II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Medium Armor Repairer II

10MN Afterburner II
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
Drone Navigation Computer I
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
Medium Cap Battery II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Core Probe Launcher II
Drone Link Augmentor I
[Empty High slot]
Medium Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

Light Shield Maintenance Bot I x2
Hammerhead II x5
Light Hull Maintenance Bot I x2
Warrior II x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Curator II x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x2
Acolyte II x5
Infiltrator II x5

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x16

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On what are you using repair drones?

Actually, they are a remnant. I didn’t have a remote armor repairer on me at first for repping my drones when they were damaged, and put repair drones in the hold. I’ve never removed them. Like I said, it’s utility that doesn’t cost very much.

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I use Loki T3 Cruiser for scanning down exploration sites and to run most of the named sites. Also for running any expeditions I may get. I keep various Frigates stashed in different stations to run the low level sites I find. For DED 3/10 I usually switch into Vagabond and for DED 4/10 I’ll switch to Sleipnir.

Basically I just look for combat sites, both anomalies and signatures. Will also check out most Landmark Beacons too. I usually bypass/ignore Hacking sites except for Ghost sites, I like doing those because of their short life span after warping on grid.

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