Which T3 destroyer

aghh I’m going on looks only and the fessor wins closely followe byt the hec and jackdaw, but which one should I concentrate on flying?
I’m not allowed in amaar space so can a confessor with for example multis crystal still cut the mustard in the other 3 homelands? or would I be better going for possibly a beam hecy?
with missile and ammo swaps it seems like the others are able to hold there own but in that respect the confessor is limmmited? to Amaar space?
its all for PvE, usually prefer mid range engagements, but not adverse to mixing it up a bit closer
thanks for any info/thoughts

I’ve had a lot of fun flying a Hectare on missions - fast, reasonably tough. Pretty little thing.
But then looks are very much in the eye of the beholder.

Generally - and it’s a big generalisation, the local factions ships are good for that faction’s missions. But not always.

The Confessor is also a sound choice - a lot of the enjoyment of a ship is in how well if matches your flying style. It may be damage locked, but t can change range very well because of the instant repairs.

Of the three, the Minmatar Svipul is the only one I’ve never really go on with - but that’s probably me.

Sorry if that’s all just very subjective. I’ve rather swung over to flying HACs and are having a hoot in them for PvE jobs.

The T3Ds are actually fun for low grade high sec exploration sites as well. I liked flying confessors for sanshas and BR explo, jackdaws for guristas etc. Only one I havent flown much is the hecate. I like the svipul more for pvp than for pve though.

yea I know what you mean, had a lot of fun in a sacrilege, but of course you can swap missile damage, would really love some pulse/beams lazers, but in that respect I fear its not for me not doing anything/much in Amaar space, so prob hecy is best…but ?
thanks for your input guys, good to hear points of view on them

Confessor is very good all around granted it’s damage type is limited. It has some of the best base stats imo of all the T3D. Hecate is great for being able to be under 2 sec align so great for going into low on occasion.

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