T3D vs AF

Since anything larger than a destroyer has a pitiful inertial modifier i’m looking to get into one or both of these for small-medium gang roams and solo pvp. I’ve never flown either of them and the subsystem modes of T3Ds make them hard to compare to anything else. Can someone give me some comparisons between the two please? SP requirements aren’t at all an issue for me. Thanks in advance.

I’ve never used either for PvP, so take my advice very lightly… I watch a lot of twitch streams and I’ve seen a number of them use t3d, while I haven’t seen any use AF.

This is a good question though, and I am interested to see how others respond.

Where to begin. T3Ds have more DPS which lends them to being superior in fights, they have good tanking ability as well and with the speed nerf to AFs they are pretty close in speed. Keep in mind that their modes make them better at one thing at a time. T3Ds can also fit a combat scanner for next to nothing, so if your like hunting where you may need combat probes T3Ds are where its at.


The only assault frigate more interesting than his t3d version is the retribution

Perfect, thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure due to item compare possibly showing AFs being better than T3Ds due to more tank and better speed/agility, but that’s before the T3D modes. I’m training into Gallente frig V anyways for the Nemesis so will try out the AFs but will try to get either the Confessor or maybe the hecate asap. (Probably Confessor due to 3-5 mid-low compared to hecate’s 4-4, making confessor better for armor tanking).

You mentioned small gang roams? Is there a reason you’re not looking at t2 interceptors? They have a super fast align time.

yeah, I’ve flown with an inty group before but there just isn’t as much tank or dps there compared to AF and T3D. That’s especially true when flying solo too, although i’ll probably spec into inty III just for the nullification though.

If you do not plan to fight in Faction Warfare complexes, then in most cases a T3D is a better choice than a Assault Frigate.
AF however can usually better Speed Tank and work better as Heavy Tackler.

Good, that’s sort of what I was expecting but due to the lower base stats of the T3D I just wanted to check. Thanks for the concise info :slight_smile:

What you need my friend is “The one true Hecate”

[Hecate, Huckleberry]
Damage Control II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler

Light Neutron Blaster II,Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II,Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II,Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II,Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II,Void S
Expanded Probe Launcher II,Sisters Combat Scanner Probe

Small Transverse Bulkhead II
Small Transverse Bulkhead II
Small Transverse Bulkhead II


A lil too paper thin for me, thanks for the fit though :stuck_out_tongue:

How come everyone loves the Hecate so much when you can get much more tank in a confessor and still get scram-web-ab?


The train times for a T3D and a AF are relatively low. Just find a T3D and a AF that line up in the weapon/tank skill sets so you don’t double your effort on support skills.

AF = Speed tank with an “oh **** button” assault damage mod
T3D = Great flexability with a high DPS output

That’s a pretty standard fit, you should probably adjust your tastes.

How much tank do you need against a wreck?


Exactly my point.

Because it can do 800+ dps with heat in sharpshooter. Obviously don’t tackle a brutix by yourself in this right? It’s a dps race and this thing can burn down most t1 cruisers solo. The only assault frig that is sketchy is the enyo, the rest don’t have the dps+tank to win the race if you can get into heated web range. If you can get the webs on you can get a scram unless they are already trying to warp when the webs land. If a ram jag grabs you his buddies will land on his wreck as you warp off. The two webs ensure that even an ab won’t save your target.
With two of them we’ve killed a ratting drake and separately a ratting domi. We did pay one hecate to kill the domi but it was a worthy trade.

You could pull a mag stab and fit an ancillary, but this fit beats that one in a 1v1 every time.

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my corm fit eats this for breakfast :smiley:

Care to put that to the test?

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